I'm on the Glucerna 1-2-3 Challenge!

Sunday, February 09, 2014

I have to get you in on this one. I've been having some problems with heightened sugar levels and it's been bothering me for quite some time now. I haven't been a good boy when it comes to softdrinks, juices and desserts. Add to that my hard headed lifestyle of not drinking too much water too. Plus I've got a whole clan afflicted with a lineage of diabetes. Hope springs eternal as they say. Well, I just downloaded the Glucerna PH App on the App Store this morning and tried out the Glucerna 1-2-3 challenge. They gave me a few boxes of Glucerna SR Vanilla and Chocolate a few days ago to get this started, thanks to the great people at Abbott Laboratories. Together with my goal to shed a few pounds, I'll be replacing one of my meals with Glucerna SR and see if it does wonders to my sculptured German physique and washboard abs LOL.

This isn't magic so I would need a couple of things done like managing my diet and a little exercise. Since I quit gym a few months ago, it'll be a little hard. I know people will tell me things and call me names but I don't care. If it's going to get my schedules, meals and activity fixed I don't mind going through this Glucerna 1-2-3 Challenge. I'm a warrior and I don't really back out of challenges. Plus, who doesn't want rewards right? Yeap you heard that right, there's a whole catalog dedicated to rewards when you follow the program to a T. Take the first step to your Glucerna 1-2-3 Challenge at https://www.glucerna123challenge.com.ph/.

I'll tell you if it works or not soon. I'm warning you though that I might be a little crazy or cranky at times. Me without food is going to be difficult, but if this is for my health I've got to swallow the bitter pill and do this! Click here for the app download in GOOGLE PLAY STORE or the Apple App Store here.

Note: I was chosen to be given samples by Glucerna. Opinions stated on this post are my own. This is not a paid post and honestly, I'm loving the Vanilla! :)

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Glucerna SR

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