New Store In SM Megamall Fashion Hall: GIORDANO concepts

Monday, February 24, 2014

Off the posh hallways of Megamall's new Fashion Hall is an addition to the great brand that we Filipinos loved all these years, this is GIORDANO concepts. We've already got them as staple on shirts and other garments but they have particularly leveled up a notch as they introduce this more premium brand that will cater to executives, yuppies and those who want a more luxurious line of clothing. Fact is, they've taken those well designed products from Korea and introducing them through this one, pretty cool right?

Their vision: is to provide consumers like us a more upmarket brand or kind of Giordano that still presents casual attires and shows a "less is more" retail approach that will be attractive to a more high end buyers.This innovation will make  majority of its collection in modern black, whites, grey and monochromes but still make it available in a large variety of styles. This approach and attitude will provide a more upscale, dreamy line which will be very much at par with other international brands like Armani, Polo by Ralph Lauren and Lacoste. They can even be greater for some of the items I've seen in the store. Start spending.

I love the colors. Even if they are getting a little adventurous, the collared shirts and tshirts are proving to be quite classy; plus the materials are obviously a wee bit thicker than usual without compromising comfort. It's soft on the skin and primarily cotton based. I think I've already seen their market, mostly professionals who want to splurge on more luxurious things. Like some execs in my office who only seldom shop but invests in more classy clothing. Nothing wrong with that because you only deserve the best if you've worked hard for your money. Getting what's worth every cent is the key.

Since it's the first GIORDANO concepts store in the Philippines, what great way to start the day with some of the Philippine's brightest stars and personalities. You might recognize some of them :)

Giordano's Chairman and CEO Peter Lau was there and was pretty happy that aside from the regular Giordano stores, there's Giordano concepts now in the Philippines. He's promising that they will bring more high end products to the Philippines through Giordano concepts. It'll be easy he laments and seeing the celebrities who already enjoyed the clothing, they are sure that the most discriminating Filipino consumer will make this the better choice when it comes to premium clothing.

Giordano concepts partnered with Preview magazine's stylists so they can experiment with the celebrities who went to the store that afternoon. They did a swell job and got the mostly seriously dressed wear a relaxed upscale outfit which all came from the Giordano concepts store.

Just ask the good looking host of Midnight Snack and model Mikael Daez. He brightened up the room with his chiseled facial features and winning smile. He also donned Giordano concepts shirts later on in the evening. Twa's nice meeting you again :)

My friend Ruth aka Ruthilicious of also enjoyed her time with model Brent Javier. He's cute as a button and he's dapper on this bit, then he wore some of the collared shirts later on as he was dressed up by Preview's style team. Effortless.

The people are as equally hot as the clothes in Giordano concepts and judging from what I've seen in the store, there are some items that I really like especially the long sleeved shirts and accessories on the other tables. If you want to check out what classy stuff they have in the store, please do give them a visit at the 3rd Floor Fashion Hall in SM Megamall. They are open the same with mall hours so you better give them a visit.

I'm shopping there tomorrow :)


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