Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga: Starting Over Again

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I know.... we're starting over again. LOL! That's what you do when you can't think of a way to introduce this story. Well, just the thought of Madame Olivia Lamasan directing this movie spells award all over it. Do you remember Madrasta? That movie gave Sharon Cuneta her grand slam. So if this is something from the same woman who made that masterpiece, we wouldn't be surprised if Toni Gonzaga or Piolo Pascual wins something too.

Our talk was really relaxed and non formal. We didn't delve too much on the details but we talked a lot about the creative process and how Piolo, Toni and Iza's characters became who they are in the movie. When it was being made, we had a hunch that it was going to be a romcom since it's pretty much going to bank on Toni Gonzaga's love for Piolo (remember the softdrink commercial?). Direk Olive said that before they made the film, they got the cast go through a small exercise where they wrote down their interpretation of the characters in the script. Their answers were not as what Direk Olivia thought it would be because it became a little serious; and very cerebral. Direk laments Piolo was serious but found him more intelligent now. She can't believe what she's hearing or reading when she asks Piolo to explain some scenes. A mark that he really has matured, and she's happy to see that.

When Piolo also first heard about the cast, add to that the Director... he said "This is the project which he has been waiting for. This is worth the wait." He also lauds Direk Olive about their past project and says highly about her. Direk says Piolo never changed a bit because he's still the humble guy she saw when they filmed "Milan" in 2004. That was also a hit by the way, and she says... this project would be something new but you can never discount the natural chemistry between Toni and Piolo. That's generally where they are banking on and appreciate that fans are seeing the trailer's message.

 I went in and said that I already am congratulating them because if it weren't for the crowd at that venue I could have cried a bit because of the scenes. Direk asked me why but I just said my love life is not for public consumption hahah. But really, it will move you to tears. You'll see some scenes you can relate to because it reflects real life. There are more reasons to watch this but no matter how you put it, this is a great movie that's got a perfect storyline. The movie is organic and it grew on them. If it goes out on theaters nationwide, make sure you line up because as we see it... this is a hit!

I don't watch that much Filipino movies, but this one's good so I'll try going to the premier night if possible!

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