Greenwich Creamy Carbonara Pasta and "PinyaExagge" Hawaiian Overload Pizza!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Celebrating delicious friendship in my home calls for only one thing, that's pizza and pasta that's got the Greenwich brand on the box! Just this weekend, I had one of the most interesting surprise in the form of their new products; and its accompaniment of an explosion of superior flavors. One is the new Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Pizza and the other is their Creamy Carbonara Pasta!

The Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Pizza is a Hawaiian Pizza lovers dream! This one's got tons and tons and tons of sweet, tangy and juicy pineapples, an overwhelming layer of cheddar and mouth watering mozzarella cheese, mildly spiced ham, meat bits and fresh, crunchy bell peppers that everyone loves! I had to make sure I save some for other family members because I almost ate it all!

You might think this is like the ordinary Hawaiian Pizza you usually get but NO. It's OVERLOADED with the best ingredients and you can only get it when you dial 55555 in Metro Manila or by visiting their stores nationwide!

As if it wasn't enough, they also had me wishing for more because they paired it up with Greenwich's Creamy Carbonara Pasta! 
It's comfort food at it's finest form. Think of al dente spaghetti with thick, rich cream, and bits of bacon plus a layer or more of grated sharp parmesan cheese all over! I could just imagine you drooling over that at only P 79.00. If you are imagining a perfect weekend, they threw in a Home Alone 3 DVD for me so I did the best thing and sat down seriously and get myself plan a mission of my own while in the comforts of my living room. If that isn't a well rested day, I don't know what is.

For the best pizza, pasta, and a happy tummy you can head over to check out their stores near you. Best of all, the Greenwich Hawaiian Overload pizza is sold for P 99.00 in its solo size. That's a quick bite done right. Word of warning though, it is highly addictive and will make you ask for more. Make sure you consume it immediately when you get it (because it's cream remember?) or if you plan to save it for later, refrigerate it. Baddabing, baddaboom!

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