Homey Southern Cooking at Big D's Smokehouse

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Maybe, just maybe, I might have just found your favorite hangout.

This place has been legendary to Ateneans and Katipunan based crowds. With real Southern Cooking as their stalwart, you can't just let this spot pass you by. They left Katipunan Avenue since the property was sold; and found a bright new spot in the 2nd level of POS Building. This is in Scout Madrinan corner Tomas Morato, Quezon City (right in front of IL TERRAZO).

This area as you may know is swarming with restaurants; and there are only a few who serve specialized menus that could battle the huge commercial ones. I already find the offerings in BIG D's quite awesome, but when I tasted their food... it's freakishly perfect for sitting down and having a pint of beer. You'll feel it's so good and comforting. It's amazingly done and cooked right. Let's check out the place shall we?!

The place can seat around 30-50 people on a regular day. They can accommodate more guests on the top floor if you wish to have events or special occasions done here. The interiors is more on an industrial - meat packing region feel (see the red bricks?). There's an area on the right that's got air conditioning but this place would probably be better visited in the evening for that al fresco dining - good for sub zero frozen beer bottle feel LOL. 

The kitchen is tucked away on the left side but they can always use the outdoor grill for your favorite steaks and show. The building also has an elevator so it is handicapped friendly. The nice thing about it is that the place is conducive for groups/barkadas. They also have special screenings when there are Pacquiao fights and things like that. Then we got ourselves busy with the food, here we go!

For appetizers, this is Hush Puppies. Not to be mistaken as the dog or the shoe, this breaded log of cheese, cheese, more cheese and cheese with hints of pimiento is so good. I also love the hints of garlic/sour cream and mayo based dip that came with it. Don't order too much of this because its so filling. I suggest you try the mains first then try this later on. But if you are just with a buddy and a few bottle of beers, this is perfect!

Another one comes and this is their Nacho Duo. I asked the server why it's called like that, then she looked at me dumbfounded and said because the serving is for two. (Slang: Oo nga naman LOL) Then I covered my self in shame LOL. Seriously, it makes sense. They also have Nachos in a bigger serving; and they also use fried wonton wrappers for that. I cook something similar to this in parties and they can do it in a few minutes. I dig this a lot.

Two salads here. The one above is Chicken/possibly Calamares (and I think I didn't bite that because I did fear allergies) Caesar salad with nibblers. It's a combination of veggies that's got the right amount of crunch and a "spicy kick" (which I think is it's main selling point). The one below is their Vinaigrette Salad made with iceberg lettuce, croutons, candied walnuts with balsamic vinegar. To choose over these two is a huge dilemma. Both are really good, for those who want to snack on something healthy, this is definitely the one for you.

Their Smoked Ribs are but MAGNIFIQUE! It falls off the bones, oh wait NO, let me rephrase that... it felt like it doesn't have bones.. it's so soft... I loved every bit of it. Their special dry rub and basting procedures just make this one of the best ribs I've tasted in Manila. It's like a guy from Louisiana/Creole area cooked it for you; that's Chef Dino Paulo Peralta's goal... to ultimately transport you to what Southern cooking is all about. He also customized this and its ingredients intended for the Filipino palate. The beans and salsa was just the perfect thing to cut the fat off the protein. Really good, really so good. They've got 3 stages of Smoked Ribs on the menu, I suggest you go here and try it all with your friends. You won't regret it!

I did that to tease you. Have you heard of Twice Fried Pork Ribs? Well, you're seeing one right now. Just imagine the texture of Crispy Pata without the guilt of the fatty skin. They perfected the way to fry things in the kitchen and got the seasoning done right. This is the right thing to have with piping hot rice or a few bottles of beer. It's placed on top of tomato and onion salsa that can give this another level of texture and flavor. It's also got spicy vinegar on the side that makes this complete. It's soft, and I wanted more of this but I had to have some more of what they have in the menu. I'll keep this for later LOL.

Crunchy Chicken Steak with sides of veggies, creamy mashed potatoes and smothered with thick gravy and cheese sauce. The longer you say the name of the dish, the better LOL. A word though, you must eat this as soon as it's placed on your table. The gravy tends to soften the crunchy exterior of the Chicken steak. You can opt to ask the Chef to serve this to you on the side, they are nice people and they don't bite. :P

Two Monster Tacos. Although they look a lot the same, they're not. The first one above has got a Beef filling whilst the other has got Pulled Pork. The pulled pork tasted like the ribs we had so that was REALLY good to combine it with the slaw. The Beef filling presented a lighter version, not to sweet and intense as the pulled pork but would definitely be good for protein lovers like me.

I didn't meet Chef Dino Paulo Peralta til the end of the meal; but his food and this restaurant (owned by him and his partners) represent him well. There's no way this place is going down when they've got homey, genuinely made comfort food coming out of their kitchen. Their ribs can rival the best ones out there and probably are giving them a run for their money. The prices in BIG D's Smokehouse are VERY affordable (for the servings I've seen on these plates). I even find my self closing my eyes a couple of times while smelling and feeling the food on my mouth. If you had that experience before while eating, then this is going to be the same (or more!). That's heaven!

I'd like to take this bit and say thanks to Chef Dino Paulo Peralta, Edwin Miranda, Marlayn Lubiano and Pier Raquidan. Also to the gorgeous ladies (part of the first wives club LOL) Ms. Mary Ryan Miranda and Ms. Michelle Peralta. Thank you also to the staff of Big D's who made sure my plate and glass was always full. You guys rock! =) Call them now 3766139 for reservations as the place gets full especially in the evening.


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