60th Anniversary of Pioneer: Stories of Friendship Video Competition

Friday, February 28, 2014

A few days ago, I was invited to a gathering in Makati by buddy Gian Viterbo of www.gadgetpilipinas.net indicating "Pioneer" on the invite. I didn't pay attention too much because I knew these guys were friends... so I figured whatever it was, I'm good with it! Since he's a tech blogger, I was under the impression that we were going to a tech event so we could check out electronic devices with the same brand name. Finding a whole lot indicating "Pioneer House" on the building we went to, I was a little dumbfounded when our other friends told me it's an insurance company. I was afraid of these things precisely of their "functions" because I feared they were always going to wait for my untimely demise. I went up their office and did the best thing any civilized guy of my stature would do, I sat down and listened.

They introduced themselves nicely and we all got comfy. They catered to different levels of clientele including huge Hollywood productions to that street vendor who had so little. That last part, of which I found really noble. Micro insurance is a really something they went serious with; and they delved explaining the difference of their company compared to others. Therein lies I guess a more meticulous way of explaining standards, plus rules, plus why they've got to stay in the industry for 60 years and survive as a business. I got more of the answers when their President and CEO Lorenzo Chan Jr. did his part. 

At Pioneer Life Inc. he mentioned that aside from their quest to bringing in business, their main difference is having a "heart". 

Then I said to myself, Heart?! Wait a minute... Where am I?! Care bear land?! 

He shared one of their client's stories; and in a nutshell, they probably would on a normal circumstance only give the benefits when they're in dire straits - medically tested and proven that the person's health is at risk or if they already passed away just like any insurance company. They learned that the claim was for a man who was in the brink of having aneurysm; a condition that would worsen as days go by; and an operation was needed to get him out of harms way. They probably didn't have any responsibility legally if you talk about what's written on paper. He convened the people involved and talked about what would ""humanely" happen if they didn't act fast. Pioneer Life knew that they had to do something for the guy in this situation and got the good man a few days later the money expeditiously. They got so touched when the wife got back to them with a letter saying "Thank you!" in so many ways. He recovered from that ordeal and is still living a few more years with his family. That alone is a priceless thing for Pioneer Life Inc. to see and said that's what they mean by having a heart. Isn't that amazing?

Vice President for Marketing Services and Communications Ms. Len Pozon agrees with their Chaiman and CEO. The reason why they've built so much dreams in the years that Pioneer Insurance has been in this country is because they've made it a point that all their claims are made fairly within the limits of the various coverage programs that they have issued. They also have times when they've got to stop, listen and act not just to fulfill what is legally correct and rightfully "within the bounds" of what you have signed up and worked hard for. They have been here helping Filipinos build their lifetime dreams and all we have to do now is ask what they can also do for you.  

Aside from that, they're holding a contest named "Stories of Friendship Video Competition" to university or college students ages 15 to 24 years old. They know how much Filipinos value relationships and this time, they're asking how you would produce a 3 minute or less video showing the value of FRIENDSHIP. It can be a narrative/music video or would be up to the student how to interpret it. Students can submit their entries on a brown envelope  with a filled out submission form (found in www.storiesoffriendship.com) together with a photocopy of their current Student ID, 3 DVD copies of the entry (max resolution 1280/720p MPEG-4/H264) and saved in MP4 video format. Make sure you label it "Pioneer Stories of Friendship Video Competition by (Name of Participant - School) and send it to Marketing and Services Communications at the 4th Floor Pioneer House Makati 108 Paseo de Roxas Legaspi Village, Makati City. This will run until April 21, 2014. Film and Advertising industry experts will judge and pick 8 entries and invite them to an awarding ceremony. Winners could win up to Php 120,000 in cash plus insurance coverage. There's also an Online Favorite Award to be chosen on May 23, 2014. Lucky voters for that part would win Php 5,000 and insurance coverage by the one and only PIONEER. If that isn't great news, I don't know what would!

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