7107 International Music Festival Highlights Day 1

Saturday, March 01, 2014

It was the perfect weather for the perfect weekend for the perfect event. I've already live blogged once during the first day but I think you should see my shots from my DSLR too so I'm breaking this down into two days. It's my experience of the 7107 International Music Festival!

Day #1

Stage was set, both equally stunning because these were huge! The second stage (the first one on top) had huge carabao horns and a sun in the background whilst the Main stage (the one on the bottom) had a huge sun edifice with rays on it. Both will be getting local and foreign artists and I've already seen a ton of people outside while others were rushing to get a front seat that afternoon. Gates opened a couple of minutes after 12.

I only had a handful of bands that I loved during the festival and one of them is The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. Their music is fun, melodic and quite reminiscent of Cindy Lauper, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Avril Lavigne's music all in one. The vocalist Mette Lindberg was really good, and she really did put up a good show that afternoon amidst the VERY HOT Pampanga afternoon. You can fry an egg out there.

Plus she's got quite a great personality and found the Philippines very interesting since its always cold where she came from. They're Danish, not the bread. Copenhagen was represented well.

Rap music was not shortchanged of course since Kid Ink was here. He's worked with the best in ehlay and it was their first time in the country too. They wanted to feel what crowd we've got in the Philippines and build from there. I guess they had fun!

The Natives got me fooled a bit because I thought their music was going to be too heavy. I was wrong, they're a cool bunch of guys that can probably keep you entertained while driving for hours. It's something that I'd have with a beer, they're that good.

I was impressed by local band Techy Romantics taking their bit on the second stage of 7107 International Music Festival. I've seen them on video when they came out with Escape, which was shot in a club I'm familiar with if I'm not mistaken. I like their attack on really electronically induced songs. This is the type of music I'd listen to when it's raining and you're all alone in the room. Chill.

The crowd got thicker as the night went down. Kid Ink did good on his set which I initially thought was going to be too underground or eminem-ish. Profanity aside, I had fun listening to the rap sequences and have seen hundreds of people either dropping their hands or just nodding in the groove. He's sick!

Over at the Media tent, some celebrities passed by. You might know some of them. Girls, hold on to your panties.

That's David Matsunaga and lovely couple from Artista Academy/TV5's Vin Abrenica and Sophie Albert. They're there to also watch Kaskade who's going to be playing a little later in the evening. Sophie and Vin probably didn't recognize me anymore T_T

The place got packed when we got to the Main stage on Kaskade's turn. Okay, who was that again that said this wouldn't happen? I think that tabloidish news website did. Anyway, I was in EDM heaven!

The feeling of closing your eyes and the speakers from the whole stage pounding just made me feel the festival just started. He's ending this first day with a bang and yes, I did have fun seeing great bodied people all in one place enjoying each track he dished out on that table. I'd be more excited the next day when the Red Hot Chili peppers perform. Oh yes! It's just the start but I'm so glad I went on the first day of festivities. Kaskade is awesome!

Next up is day 2!

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