The Gorgeous Men of GMA's ADARNA!

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

The highest rating show in GMA and in it's time slot is ADARNA; an epic drama fantasy series based on a Filipino mythical bird told in stories that's passed from generation to generation. Although it's a little different because they bring an unusual take on the story. It runs through conflicts in family, love, relationships and race. It's definitely something that you can relate to in real life. A few days ago, we met with the hunky men of this show and asked them a bit about their roles. Currently, it is still the highest rating program in the Kapuso network. Let's see some shots of Mikael Daez and Benjamin Alves who plays winged lover boy Falco and equally hunky flying man Bog/Agalon during a small gathering in Centris last week.

 Mikael Daez aka Falco was a little bit reserved that afternoon. I've always adored this person because there are only a few celebrities that genuinely remember bloggers like me. For those who don't, my silver/blonde hair is a dead giveaway. Anyway, I've been shooting him from shows in the past, back when he used to endorse brands like Penshoppe et al as he's one of the most sought after models back then. He still is, but he's always on TV now since he's moved up quite a notch as he hosts "Midnight Snack" a segment he's doing for long running GMA news show Saksi. Playing Falco on the series is pretty hard but since he's well built for the character, it must have been a cinch for him to always stay up in a harness since he flies a little too much on the show. This is on top of the action sequences that he has to do because he's battling it out with humans and his kind on the show.


 His charm, wealthy demeanor and features that would make any damsel in distress fall off the tower when he comes might be already good for Ada played by Kylie Padilla of the lands Pugad Sanghaya; but will that really be enough in the shows' near end? Who knows?!! He might just get his surprise this Friday!

Ladies, please hold on to your panties because here's Benjamin Alves. This is my first time meeting the guy and rightfully so, he was very comfortable with conversations. He is after all a Summa Cum Laude with an English Literature major in Guam where he stayed most of his life. Whilst Mikael was a little reserved at that time (still my fave anyhow!), Benjamin was more open to talk about personal things with the other bloggers when I listened in. That was a consensus I got from the other bloggers. That right there is a deal breaker, if he smiles like that in a room he tends to radiate a bit more. It's something that makes him a bit pleasing to throw lines with, which is something I haven't got to know about him since this is new. 

Aside from that, he talks about his role as Bok/Agalon in the series which much like Mikael Daez's role tends to also get him in the same predicament as Falco. He also needs to be strapped and get thrown for flying and action sequences in Adarna. The series since it's almost ending, required him to give even more of what was asked of him. The stunts were definitely getting harder and the battle scenes were getting a little harder to execute since it occupies more time now that it's in the climax of the story. He had an amnesia in the bit he played and recently discovers that he's one of them too. He had to also adjust big time for that role and it's always in his mind to find ways so that his acting and job had no qualms or quality issues. He feels he's pretty much okay where he is but he wants to strive for more soon. He's so thankful that he landed a role on this series and was able to work with new ones and also veteran actors and actresses. The experience and hardship making this program was something that he was glad about and always looks forward to be there every time he's got a scene. GMA gave him a great break that he well deserves imho.

It was definitely a treat meeting two of the most gorgeous looking men of the current highest rating show on GMA. They've got different personalities but both really grows on you. You can't find anything wrong with them and just swear you either want to be like them in the near future. Crazy, but in it's truest sense I'm so glad I got to know them a little bit more in these small intimate chats we're having thanks to their management and GMA. My thanks to those who made this possible, at least I can say I got to see and talk to them in the flesh. 

Oh before I forget ADARNA will end on Friday so make sure you watch the show every day! It only lasts only 30-45 minutes of your time and remember to watch the great action sequences they planned for as it draws near. Ask your Mom and Dad to NOT change the channel and watch it with them. Adarna shows on the Telebabad Block of GMA and even world wide via GMA Pinoy TV. See you on it's last flight!


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