Alwyn Uytingco Stars in Dramedy Series "Beki Boxer"

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Punching his ways into your homes and into your hearts with pink fabric, rainbows and glitters is this new program named Beki Boxer from TV5. It stars Alwin Uytingco as he plays the role of Rocky Ponciano a simple gay guy who wished to be a beauty queen but turned into full time boxer just to protect his Dad and family's name. It reflects on the the Filipino psyche of "Family First". It also delved into the LGBT view of sacrificing yourself for the ones you love, taking out the dreams of a guy who just wanted it all to come true. 

Looks promising? Yeah! I think they will be gambling a lot in terms of having this program done on their channel but with the Directors of Zombadings and the other Kape Barako on their helm, this is going to be something that onlookers would really have to see. The dramedy promises that it will be funny as hell but as touching like a buckets of tears. When asked about possible conservative Church people probably finding this a bit offensive, they said that even the Pope says a lot what should be done when there are gender sensitive issues on the line, they're right on that part to say that the Church should accept anyone regardless of their orientation.

The cast also includes Claire Hartell Ruiz, Vin Abrenica, Christian Vasquez, Onyok Velasco, Joross Gamboa, Cholo Barretto, Candy Pangilinan, Bekimon and tons more. The series will show on TV5 starting on March 31'st. We already watched the first one and judging from the looks of the press who were also there, they definitely liked it! This is a big break for Alwyn Uytingco and he's been very busy with this station. I guess it's the right time and the right project. Hope it does wonders for your career because you've been working hard I know.


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