GMA Artist Center's Newest Faces!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

If you wake up and see these faces in the morning, wouldn't your day be just complete? I know!

A few days ago, we went to GMA to check up the new line up of stars in Artist Center. I was surprised, shocked even to see that they look so promising right from the looks alone. I think I even remember seeing them on TV last January and some in commercials too. Let's check them out shall we? :)

Do you feel that you've seen him before? Meet that "Konti Lang" cutie guy from the McDo commercial... he's Kenneth Paul Cruz. Kenneth as most friends call him hails from Pateros, and it looked like he's very proud of it. He says he always stays out of the house, particularly on the streets and hangs out with his friends to eat balut. He's not too fancy and I find his boy next door look quite an asset. This guy also attributes his fame from his compatriot in the McDo commercial and says without him, he wouldn't be where he is today. Humble, funny and quirky at times, he'll surely be some possible John Lloyd Cruz in the making. He also says he'd probably do a good job if he also did some comedy programs in GMA as he feels comfortable with that. See what I mean by seeing someone promising? He's one of them and make sure you watch out for him in CARMELA as he plays Alden Richard's best friend from Manila. Oh by the way girls, he's single. You know what to do LOL!

You know, I too thought that she looks like Toni Gonzaga. She's Arianne Bautista. She's not related to the Revillas but it looks like she's got a lot going on for her. She also hosted Aljur Abrenica's birthday party with World Vision. Her edge is probably her personality. She's very bubbly and quite funny. She can really pass as what Toni Gonzaga is probably doing right now (the hosting and acting thing) but she can probably give the singing bug a bite later on. She just graduated with a Tourism course from UST. She modeled quite a bit and got well known in the car show circuit. She also has been in commercials; you probably saw her inside the car singing Sweet Child of Mine for a chocolate brand. She's also very nice to talk to which can be a very nice trait to have. I see they are probably offering a very well rounded team here since each of them are uniquely talented. Pretty cool!


Those dimples probably have killed someone. It is to die for. She's pretty no? Plus she looks a lot like Cristine Reyes. She's Stephanie Sol. She hails from Cagayan De Oro if I'm not mistaken. She's also done several commercials from Jollibee, crackers, toothpaste and others. She also is included in Carmela as Marian Rivera's best friend in the series. She was a little tensed at first, but she knew she had to do it. She's very pleasant to talk to. I felt like I was talking to Erich Gonzales when we interviewed her. She didn't have that feel of awkwardness at all because you'll love her quirkiness. You'll feel like you already have known her for a long time. She's not afraid to try things so as far as roles go she wants to do it all. She's probably going to be geared towards acting projects but says she will always give hosting a try. She registers really good on screen. She also got a few pointers from Marian Rivera herself when she did some scenes with her, and she's very thankful to GMA Artist Center for giving her these breaks. They probably have a lot planned for her, but I wouldn't be surprised if she also lands a lead role soon. Don't say I didn't warn you! :)

Ladies, meet the new Kapuso hunk James Wright. This Filipino Australian muscled guy doesn't look like any celebrity I know, maybe a masculine Gabby Concepcion? To each his own. He also appeared in the reality show Anak Ko Yan! which aired last year and hosted by Jennelyn Mercado. Anyway, he's actually the one I was really surprised to know. You heard that song played in Carmela? He actually sang that song which was composed by Vehnee Saturno.

Admittedly, he says he's not that fluent yet in Filipino. Although, judging from the looks of it he didn't have any problem singing this song eh? Prolly in a short span of time, he'll end up being with the ranks of Martin Nievera. His dream is to be the next concert king and probably an international singing sensation. He dreams big and that's a good thing. GMA Artist Center is probably also going to have him delve into more acting and singing projects. I've heard a record is in the pipeline if all things go into plan. GMA Records perhaps? Cool chap.

Binibining Pilipinas Number 4 and current Miss PAL 2013 is Nicole Donesa. Yes, she is a beauty queen. She's got some really serious similarities to Ms. Marian Rivera and hails from San Francisco. Even if she grew up there, she's blessed to have been raised by her Filipino parents learning the language; so she's pretty fluent in Tagalog. She also sang a couple of lines from that Frozen movie's soundtrack "Let it go!" and oh boy she looks and sounds perfect for theater. She also plans to join Miss World if all works well. She's also happy to have been able to work with artists from GMA as this has been a life long dream. I would definitely want to see her in a series, probably play an antagonist first or maybe a schizo or maybe a lead role in the future. She still has so many things to work on but she has so many things that she can already do. Talk about promising eh?

It looks like the challenge is up and GMA Artist Center is laying down their cards now. The newest and freshest faces of this network will spell what the future holds for their programs too. I'm seeing a bright one now. I sincerely hope they would be used to further strengthen what they currently have in the entertainment industry and get these guys and gals the stardom they deserve. Congratulations Arianne Bautista, Stephanie Sol, Nicole Donesa, James Wright and Kenneth Paul Cruz! Can't wait to see you guys get bigger and brighter on GMA!


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