I'm Enjoying My Tough Backpack From OUTDOOR PRODUCTS!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Just got this pack from Urbanize: Supplies for Urban Life with stores located at Gateway Mall and Shangrila Mall. I was surprised to find out what was inside but the note on the pack probably summed it up.

Got so excited seeing it was about bags. Aside from shoes, this is my next kryptonite. I still have some bags in my closet that I haven't used because I didn't want them to get damaged. This one already says that they're going to be TOUGH. So I did the next best thing and took it out of the paper bag.

OMG it's OUTDOOR Products! How can you not love this backpack?! The material is so tough nobody could probably tear this apart with their bare hands. Aside from that, this thing still work with the classic school backpack design. It won't be too bulky, but it's got room enough to fit your stuff like clothes, books or gadgets. I was actually also fond of seeing those straps on the zippers because it'll make opening or closing your bag really easy. You can also see that the color is bright and the textile they used on this isn't cheap. I can tell just by touching it.

It's also well made because on a quality standpoint I'm not seeing any defects on the nooks and crannies of this bag. It's all so clean and probably passed international standards. I'm not surprised though because in the few years that I've known this brand, they're on a league of their own. That, and the price is so reasonable unlike some brands on the same quality level but costs an arm and a leg literally. I'm loving this Vintage Day Pack!

I've also checked out their 2014 Spring-Summer catalogue and amazingly found more backpacks in really cool designs plus some in ultra suede bottoms. You'll get that weathered effect and dirt won't stick to the bag for all the right reasons. It won't be dirty fast.

It seems that I've got this bag on the bag! It's a Basic Daypack model and they've got it in different colors. If you want something basic that's also got so much room for your stuff, then I highly suggest you get this one!

For those that often go to the gym, this one is perfect. It's their Boston Bag that's available in different dimensions. Get the biggest one so you can fit your workout clothes, shoes and toiletry so you can shower after a game or gym time. 

There are also some bigger bags available in stores. Don't worry ladies because you also have some handbags that are well crafted and styled with you the user in mind.

OUTDOOR PRODUCTS are available at Duty Free Fiesta Mall, Fashion Rack (Baguio, NAIA 3, Subic), Landmark Makati and Trinoma, Lonely Planet, Robinsons Department Store (Abreeza Mall, Calasiao, Ermita, Galleria, Magnolia, Palawan, Pampanga), Rustans (Alabang, Gateway, Makati, Tower), SM (Davao, Las Pinas, Lipa, Makati, North Edsa and Pampanga) and Tripologie (Alabang, Bonifacio High Street, Tripologie East Wood).

Now that there's more places where you can get these wonderful bags from, make sure your next purchase of a school or everyday bag comes from OUTDOOR PRODUCTS. I'm enjoying mine right now and I'll take it around for a spin in events. This will house my camera and gadgets. Hope yours become an everyday thing too. ^_^


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