Allison Harvard and Phil Younghusband for Sprinto

Friday, March 28, 2014

Guess who just opened their first kiosk/shop over at The Block at SM North Edsa? Yes, you heard that right, it's Sprinto. They didn't just opened shop, but they also had a couple of surprises in store for those who love their eye wear. They were already letting us have a preview of their current models plus a mere countdown to summer via their Color Clash campaign set here and other cities like Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore. 

We gasped at the sight of those sunnies. From classic shades, to shaped ones, aviators and durable sports grade eye wear, Sprinto has got it all. They don't compromise one thing though... and that's quality.

I thought I've seen her before. Oh yes, she's one of the finalists in My Foreignay if I'm not mistaken. She's wearing Sprinto eye wear! Cool!

She even brought her model friends with her. See? It's the perfect thing to wear this summer!

Whether you're out on the beach or just posing away at the mall, Sprinto eye wear would just be the perfect thing to complement your outfit. These ladies looked HOT!

Then, Sprinto's first ever endorsers in the Philippines arrived!

Now you can't say that's only local endorsements if you have Allison Harvard of America's Next Top Model, nor would you discount Phil Younghusband, a famed International Football player adored by fans of the Azkals!

Isn't she pretty? I love her! Isn't Phil Younghusband good looking? :)

There's a drawback having eyes like Allison's because she can't really stay outside and frolic in the sun like the rest of us. She needs better protection for her eyes, so this really is a good endorsement for her. It's meant to be! Still, don't we just love her blue eyes?! :)

Phil on the other hand stays out in the sun for hours because of the games he play. If he can, he really makes it a point to wear Sprinto eye wear when that happens. It's his first line of protection when there's harmful UV rays.

Fashion wise, Allison says she stays with Sprinto because it doesn't just look good on her but the quality is something that she'd be proud of when endorsing this brand. She is simple, but when she goes for those andorgenous looks she's well known for, Sprinto can still be wearable. Perfect for models like her!

Those eyes... they make me suffer. I haven't seen anyone like her. I love her!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Sprinto even gave away eye wear to patrons that morning. They just had to show up and exchange their old sunnies to Sprinto. I got mine too! :)

Aside from that, they've got some pretty interesting people wearing their Sprinto eye wear too.

James Martinez of UE Red Warriors and PBA :)

Rivermaya in the house for Sprinto. Beside them is the Sprinto representative.

Congratulations Sprinto for launching your first kiosk in the country! I heard they are gearing to launch more in the coming months. If I were you, I'd get a Sprinto soon!


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