Century Tuna Superbods Anne Curtis and B.N.O. on Super Challenge 2014

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Told you a couple of articles ago that they just launched the Superbods Super Challenge 2014. In another event, they reiterated the same plan and same workout routines but this time, they've made us see stars like no other. After dinner, the great guys from Boys Night Out appeared and I couldn't even recognize them anymore. For a few weeks, the people from Century Tuna, Coach Jim and Ms.Nadine Tengco worked with these gentlemen to get them do the 6 week plan just to prove if the Superbods Super Challenge worked. Just look at them now!

It's not easy Coach Jim says because it's a total lifestyle change plus discipline that would make this work. Slick Rick adds that even if he was the most non sporty person in the group, he felt confident that he could do it. He shared that the 5 meal per day regimen definitely worked for him and didn't give him the time to bloat since the food was designed to counter that. He lost a lot judging from the taped footage shown in the event, and he definitely felt so good and would want to continue even after the things they went through during the 6 weeks. 

Then there was a commotion in the back and I saw someone familiar.

It's Century Tuna celebrity endorser Ms. Anne Curtis Smith. She's here to answer some questions about her journey to being a superbod too.

She was bubbly and so ecstatic that people would be able to try the workout program and the dietician's recommended meals. She's worked hard to maintain her figure and was so thankful that she still gets to eat food that's got tons of protein and never sacrifices flavor. They also get full easily because aside from the rice included on some of the meals, they added tons of veggies in the mix. Century Tuna actually complements it and makes the meal bigger than usual with the right ingredients even if you compare it with the food pyramid.

When I asked about what particular part of her body she wants to workout (because she's already perfect right?) she shares that she wants to be more toned like her fit inspirations (which she already hangs in the wall). When I asked about if it is achievable (because I felt fat), she said I'm not that fat at all and if her boyfriend Erwan can do it, why would it be impossible for me. Makes sense right?

Try the program, it wouldn't hurt. I've got friends on it right now and have seen a little difference (since they're on the process). You should definitely try the plan which is all indicated on the channels below. Ciao!


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