Benjamin Alves Celebrates Birthday at Tahanang Walang Hagdanan

Sunday, March 30, 2014

We went to Tahanan Walang Hagdanan a few days ago to celebrate the birthday of Kapuso hunk Benjamin Alves. He arrived a bit teary eyed that afternoon. He was a little emotional as one of his dreams was coming true. 

He personally chose this particular task that afternoon to celebrate with one of the most charming people we've ever met, those of who are all from Tahanang Walang Hagdanan. All along I thought this place was a refuge for persons with disabilities, but they are not even a charitable institution anymore. They took the pro active role of being a training center to stay as a catalyst in changing countless lives of PWD's countrywide! Once that a PWD goes through training with them, they become independent and better, productive citizens of this country.

The reason why he's crying earlier?

These guys. When Benjamin saw them going inside the gym earlier, it brought him to tears because he thought they were going to be a sad bunch. He was mistaken, as he found each and every one of them so happy despite of their condition. Persons with disabilities in this place have become empowered and they have worked hard to provide for their family or fend for themselves.

Benjamin Alves also gave them a treat by singing their favorite tunes to give thanks for supporting him all these years.

Host Tess Bomb also made the event so fun with her antics. She's so funny and made the event a bit light hearted. She's a talented comedienne.

To even experience it, Benjamin Alves went in and rode one of these specially made chairs they use for basketball. He bumped into them and into the wall, but he's alright. It was an experience that he'll truly never forget. For those who don't know, these guys are real deal bronze medalists and they are also part of the workforce keeping the place running.

They have about 150 people staying in the center mostly PWD's working and earning a living. They also have some of their relatives/non PWD persons in their company so other tasks like going up second floors would not be a problem. Most of them are working in metal craft, carpentry and medical packaging. They've got a happy demeanor and work with very minimal supervision. Isn't that amazing?

We sat down with Benjamin and asked about his experience there and he says he's very thankful that GMA Artist Center helped him with this. He said it's been a while that he actually celebrated his birthday with a party so that alone was already great. He got teary eyed because he's a very emotional guy. Even at the time they were going inside the venue, he was already crying inside his car. The fact that the PWD and us were there spending time with him was already priceless. Instead of him just getting something for his birthday, he donated 4 wheelchairs to be used by people who would need it inside the center. He feels it kinda puts everything in perspective. The PWD's were happy and that amazes him because we sometimes even complain about simple things whereas they live a full life even if they are in that state. He adds "Not one did I see who's sad!" and say when people sometimes have bad days they are already grumpy but these PWD's make you a little humbled that even if they couldn't walk they still get to feel so happy. There are others who have problems worse than ours and they still see the goodness in life. That is inspiring indeed that being a PWD doesn't even limit them at all. I feel you bro. I feel you.

If you would want to help Tahanang Walang Hagdanan (Home Without Stairs), you can visit their website and see their donation channels there. They would also prefer you to meet them personally in the facility so you can see for yourself how they work.

He hopes that awareness about their state and their cause would radiate with the government and other people who want to help. Sponsors from Active White, Jockeylina Food Services Co. (who provided food for everyone) and GMA Artist Center also chipped in to help with the event. I am really happy I've met one of the most promising actors from this station. Benjamin Alves is someone I'd like to personally have as a friend. He's someone I could probably talk to for hours. He's innately nice. You don't see that very often nowadays. He's going to have a soap soon on GMA and that's still in the pipeline, if it comes out I'll update you guys about it! Happy birthday Benjamin! You stay humble as you are right now man! You'll go places!


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