GSHOCK Shock The World Tour 2014! - Manila

Thursday, March 06, 2014

It was our turn a few nights ago to be in the midst of the one and only Father of GSHOCK Kikuo Ibe who flew all the way from Japan just to be in the Manila leg of SHOCK THE WORLD TOUR 2014. It was awesome and even MORE shocking to have seen this man in the flesh, then he goes on and open the celebration with an opening speech in full Filipino language. No joke!

He even sent his heartfelt condolences to the lives lost during Typhoon Yolanda, even shows his love for the Philippines. What I admire about this guy is his humble disposition even if he's already somebody in the world of watches. He even showed a tell all on how he got to discover GSHOCK and also showed the trials he went through just to prove that his design works no matter what gravitational force is put onto the watch. Heck the American ads even showed it being run over by a truck but still it survived! Amazing!

Management from the lone Philippine distributor Belrewmond Trading Inc. already knows how much FILIPINOS love GSHOCK; and with new designs plus even better quality in their watches it'll surely catapult them into number 1 in no time. 

Having a GSHOCK after all isn't just fancy fashion, it is the TOUGHEST watch there is in the market. It's design can even weather a 4 floor bathroom window drop. Kikuo Ibe himself tried it that way and it never even get damaged in vacuum, shake and hammer tests.

Mr. Ibe himself threw his own watch to this target at blazing speeds! He said "Buti na lang hindi nasira!" gaining laughs from the crowd. He's a pretty funny guy!

As part of their 30th Anniversary celebration, they also launched the limited edition GSHOCK watch Philippine Edition. It's got 30 stars on top, three stars and the sun design on the bottom strap plus its done in white. There's only a few out in the market so you better grab one if you get the chance. If you prefer a more adventurous look, they've got lots more where that came from and I'll show it on video!

If you like what you see, maybe it's time you get another GSHOCK since I know you already have one right? :) oh and they've got some really bad ass local artists and street/urban fashion store owners as endorsers too.

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