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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Look at what we have here! It's that technological wonder I actually saw in CES last year called EyeFly 3D. If you are fond of 3D movies and hologram like images, then this is absolutely for you! It doesn't require you to wear those uncomfortable 3D glasses like in the movies because it's all in the Nanotechnology screen protector itself. It's something new but simple; it literally make the 3D glasses obsolete. Looking at the images and video quality after application, it makes total sense. 

I strongly suggest though that before you do put in the screen protector, make sure you download the free application first. The app has an alignment section where you can see if the position of your screen protector has been installed properly. It's also has labeled the film itself so you can tell if you're looking at the front or back of it.

It was launched officially last April 2013 in Singapore, it has now landed Philippine shores and available at your nearest tech accessory shops nationwide. Best of all, you don't have to get thousands of dollars to experience 3D on your devices as it is compatible with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPod Touch 5th Generation, iPad Air, iPad Mini and Nexus 7. The application that comes with it also is quite intelligent. With it, you can easily create, share and experience 3D like no other. 

The box contains the EyeFly 3D manual, the cleaning cloth and the 3D screen protector. You'll see the evident increase in depth of field that would make your own photos and videos stunning and life like.

I thought it would also be hard to see photos because of the 3D effect but I was wrong. It actually did not affect even made the shots crisp and crystal clear without any distortions.

I took off the existing screen protector that I had on the iPhone5. It was a little fingerprint hungry and it had my screen full of smudges. I was looking forward to not have this seen with the new EyeFly 3D. 

I proceeded cleaning the screen of my phone so when I put in the new one, it won't have any dust on it. The cleaning cloth really did it's job. The pack also includes a sticky plastic strip that you can use to pick up dust off your screen. I had to do several passes before getting everything out. Bubbles usually happen if there's some object on the screen so use this strip as needed.

I immediately went in and watched a 3D clip off Youtube. I really think it made a whole lot of difference than seeing this in plain view versus when you watch this with the EyeFly 3D screen. You must make sure to use the app first so you get to see if the alignment of the screen protector gives you the 3D view it can fully give. Download videos like these or use your existing ones and use the video app to watch it. The screen also did not become too slippery and felt quite porous to the touch. It will not promote smudges upon touch. No smudges means clearer view right? 

You can use the EyeFly 3D image viewer or video viewer that's all FREE in the Apps Store so you can see 3D life like images on screen. To clean, a simple cloth and alcohol based cleaner would do. Don't worry about the Nano lenses on the film because it's scratch resistant plastic and engineered that way.

2 Million lenses just by putting this super thin screen on your device. If you want that to happen, then get the awesome EyeFly 3D on your phone and tablet. You've got unlimited movies to watch on 3D and it's this nanotechnology based product that can only do it.

You'll see the difference. I'm sure I did! Check out why Nanovue won awards around the world and make the EyeFly 3D your next choice for jazzing up your iPhone. It's worth the wait! 

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