Happy Birthday Rocco Nacino!

Monday, March 17, 2014

You've probably seen this good looking guy in my site a few times. It's cool because he's one of the most down to earth people in showbiz that I have ever met. Rocco Nacino has really made it. We went to a small public high school in Makati to celebrate his birthday. This happened a few days ago. Together with his Mom Linda, Dad Ralph, his sponsors and GMA Artist Center, they gave Makati High School wholesome entertainment and a little treat for their library which I'll tell you about in a bit.

When I arrived they were already having a small singing contest and we were surprised to see some of the students were really talented. 

This guy right here even had an RnB kind of voice. He can pass as a professional singer!

This girl however had the time of her life as she serenaded Rocco and even sat on his lap a couple of times. The other students were jeering and even asked her to do more. She won the small contest by the way! This was so much fun!

Then Rocco Nacino himself went to the front and danced with the students of Makati High Schoool. It was something they would really cherish in their lifetime  as one of GMA's greatest actors was right there in their school library.

Makati High School is a public school and judging from what I've seen with the size of their library and school grounds, they are probably some of the city's less privileged ones. Since there is a lack of facilities and references in the school, Rocco Nacino took funds from his own pocket and gave them 6 months worth of free WIFI access for the whole school! :)

The Principal said that it is the first time that they have received such a grant and is extremely thankful that the students will now have a way to further do research since their library isn't that fully equipped with references that they need. 

Rocco also had three wishes for his birthday. I'm sure it will all come true. We sat down with him later on after the festivities. The kids and everybody else had lunch courtesy of McDonalds!

We asked him about his plans in the next few months, he says he 's taking a well deserved break and he's going to Europe for a tour. When asked if he's alone, he didn't admit it but it looked like Lovi Poe is going too. Bah, looks like they are getting pretty serious noh?! 

I asked him about what he wants to do with his nursing degree since he's a full time actor now, he says it's in his plans to later on finish med school and says he really wants to be a doctor. He says he will definitely make time for that.

Rocco Nacino is so blessed that he has his family behind him. Their support has always been something that he is so thankful for. They didn't even know that he'll go so far in starstruck; but when he did, they have each made their contribution in making who he is right now. His Dad is his co-manager so he's pretty confident that each project he takes is with their approval. He is already successful in my books. Congratulations on your career Rocco! Happy happy birthday! I hope you stay as good as you are right now. Thanks for having us on your special day!


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