Not So Nice Ma Mon Luk Experience

Monday, March 17, 2014

Not everything is as good as it seems. My folks and I went to Ma Mon Luk in their branch in Quezon Avenue. The place is quite close to home and I really wanted to go here since they serve the original stuff since who knows when. Mum and Dad went ahead of me and ordered Beef with Oyster Sauce and Ampalaya Con Carne. They loved that so much that they ordered more rice than the usual. When I arrived, I immediately ordered the Original Ma Mon Luk Special Mami which costs 105.00 pesos and their Special Siopao too which costs 60.00 pesos.

I was a little disappointed with the Mami's broth as it was a little too salty. It probably was cooked for hours with bones but they probably put too much fish sauce hence it ruined my dreams of Mami perfection.

The Special Siopao too was okay, however the sauce that came with it was too runny and too salty as well. I needed Coke to hose down the saltiness since it's really that awful. I still ate it because I paid for it. :( I'm a little sad that it didn't meet my expectations. Would I go back to have another one? NO. If my Mum and Dad would go, I'd rather order the other things in the menu. Sad to say, that was a bad meal.

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