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Monday, March 17, 2014

It was a hot afternoon that greeted us in the new Federal Land developed property along Macapagal Avenue called Bluebay Walk. It houses one of the nicest and newest food joints in Pasay City called Quick Stomach. This area would be an ideal future shopping destination and the placement of these food establishments beats the hour since they will garner the crowd both coming from the Mall of Asia and the planned PAGCOR City. 

Longganisa with Rice and Egg

Quick Stomach serves all day breakfast, Filipino dishes and more. That afternoon, we were treated to their specials and favorites. Almost all of them were served with a side of Sitaw (yard long beans/green beans); although they say this would actually differ as what's freshly available in the market; makes sense.

Tapa with Rice and Egg

There are also several SILOG servings that are available but regularly they all serve this with plain white rice. It's healthier I guess, but they have different cooked rice varieties available on the menu. Longanisa, Tapa, Tocino, Ham, Tuna/Pork Sisig, Lechon, Tinapa, how else can you resist not having breakfast/lunch with that on the menu?

Oh wait! Here's the Executive Meals!

Pork Binagoongan Rice

Bicol Express Rice

Creamy Pork Rice

Lechon Paksiw Rice

Russian Beef Stew Rice

Pork Chop Rice

Chicken Curry Rice

Pork Adobo Rice

All these dishes only cost around P100 - 120 pesos. It's quite affordable and the serving is just right. I would recommend the Lechon Paksiw and the Pork Chop because you'll find that VERY satisfying. Do not forget to add on some dimsum if you want more on your plate.

Shark's Fin dumplings

Japanese Siu Mai

Siopao Asado

The Japanese Siu Mai was good because I love seaweed. Just make sure you make the chili sauce with Soy and Calamansi on the side so you would enjoy every bite! The Siopao Asado is very filling and they serve it very hot. It packs a hefty amount of meat inside the bun and it's quite tasty. If I were to choose, I'd like to have more of the Japanese Siu Mai.

Pasta Linguini in Tomato Sauce and Pasta Carbonara

If you prefer to have something that doesn't have rice, their Pasta Linguini in Tomato Sauce and Pasta Carbonara would be a good substitute. It's bang for the buck and quite tasty. They know how to make the white sauce although I'd prefer to have more cheese. Maybe you can ask the friendly staff to get you more. Oh yes, they are friendly and FAST!

Wintermelon Milk Tea

Aside from that, they serve Tea just like in their CHADO Tea shops. I liked their Wintermelon Tea most because it's not made half-heartedly. You can still taste the smokiness of the tea all throughout. It would be a great pairing with any of the strong meat and rice dishes on the menu because this is sweet. It's comforting and you'll still have a grand time hanging out with your friends and family when you stop by Quick Stomach!

Thank you so much to people from Quick Stomach, Mr. Ronato Tan (in blue) and Mr. Lorenzo Miranda for having us. Special thanks also to Denny Munoz for introducing us. You've got a diamond in the rough here. I was almost tempted to get a franchise. If you guys are interested, please check out the channels below and they can entertain your questions. It's cozy there, I'll go back there soon!


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