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Saturday, March 22, 2014

I dream of perfect shoes.

I still probably have around 30 shoes on the shelf that I haven't even used. A problem? Yes. I admit I'm a shoe-a-holic. 

If I find something nice, if I find something unique and something good... I usually pick it up and pay for it on the counter no matter what the price is. When I got an invite to Santoni's launch a few days ago, I almost fainted at the sight of the shoes.

He is Francesco de Santis. He's one of the few artisans left in the world who still make hand made shoes with Italian brand Santoni. There are only a handful left because some Italians choose other careers other than making good shoes like these. Sad, but they are fighting that by showing the difference of these gorgeous pieces of heavenly foot covers. If you don't actually see it up close like this, you won't appreciate how much care they put in on making shoes. See how he tortured that show on his hand by folding it? It comes back to form when he released that. That's how confident he is.

 Madame Edith Dychiao says it's time that the Filipinos have this world class brand. It's time they get pampered. Shoes of this class wasn't even imaginable before because people were always associating the Philippines as a third world country. Today, men and women of different professions in this place prove to have more purchasing power than ever. Be it luxury cars, bags, other products, all can be splurged and appreciated by people like us. Santoni presents itself as upscale, but the practicality of it all depends on quality. 

Quality that means your shoe will fit perfectly and would last you years. Aside from that, the design and craftsmanship would be never questioned. Famous people, Hollywood stars and even world leaders wear it. If you had your shoe customized by them, your permanent shoe size will be stored on their records together with these famous people says Andrea Casavecchia, Santoni's Asia Area Manager. Isn't that amazing!?

The shoe fitting. I really hate David Celdran when he got the chance to have one of these pairs. While I watch in the sidelines. It'll take around 6 months before the actual shoe is made because of the care and love they put into it. They measure the right and the left foot separately. I didn't know before this that there was a difference, but it does make sense. 

It's nice to know something classy like this is now available in the Philippines. Santoni is open at the East Wing of Shangrila Mall. Don't be afraid to come in and check out what they have inside the store. I on the other hand am still dreaming. I didn't even get to fit the shoe during the event. I'll have to wait to get one of my own. Soon.

See what I mean by addicting? :)

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