New Album: Jed Madela All Original

Friday, March 07, 2014

I first saw Jed Madela during the charity concert in Nuvali last year for the benefit of the families of fallen soldiers and their kids. That one particular performance made me realize that he's definitely a powerful singer, no wonder he's brought the country pride by winning World Championships here and there. The chills, the goosebumps you get would probably be a normal occurrence every time he goes on stage... we felt that a few days ago during the launch of his new album entitled Jed Madela ALL ORIGINAL.

We had ourselves glued on our seats to listen to his songs that afternoon expecting the usual ballads or belting songs he always gets to be identified with. It was a little crazy because we were stunned as he opened with a full EDM track. No joke. It was electronic dance music with his vocals on the track. That really put us off, but you know what? It really worked. It was different and showed his range. It's the track entitled Wish. The words could probably pass of as a romantic one but when it's arranged like that, it'll definitely put you in the mood to dance.

Jed also wants to help a lot of our up and coming singers by putting up a school soon. As of now, he's in organizations and programs that help individuals who started just like him. He's also training a couple of his relatives that asked for help since they probably want to follow in his footsteps. Let's face it, Jed can sing a phonebook and you would still believe it.

If you want to see a different kind of Jed Madela, it's time you buy his new album entitled Jed Madela ALL ORIGINAL. It's available in all leading music stores nationwide. It is released under your favorite Star Records.


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