An Afternoon with "Kambal Sirena's" Mike Tan and Louise Delos Reyes

Saturday, March 29, 2014

We met with good looking Mike Tan and the gorgeous Louise de los Reyes a few days ago in a small restaurant in Quezon City. They're the most revered pair in GMA's latest fantaserye "Kambal Sirena" (Twin Mermaids) where Mike's character Jun is paired with Alona, one of Louise's character in the series.

Jun is a fisherman so it goes without saying that he'll be not to well off here but he's got one or more things that would make any mermaid and woman fall in love with him still. His eyes, looks, and almost perfect physique that he says he doesn't even workout made me realize some people are just blessed. Louise also mentioned that Mike is really professional. If he's in character, you won't make him lose focus on what he's doing. She speaks so highly of him even if he's a funny chap on set. I guess that goes without to say that Mike is definitely a good guy. No matter how much he probably is in stardom, he remains humble and really someone who you can get to talk to in so many levels.

He was found to have controversies a few weeks ago when he stated his stand about being compared with the other mermaid program from another channel. He was a little apologetic about it but I didn't think he had to. Sometimes, things like he said wouldn't be accepted by closed minds. It was after all an opinion. I laud him for that.

Louise de los Reyes had so many things going for her. I've heard so many good things about her from GMA artists I've interviewed before. Aljur Abrenica the last time said he's so impressed with Louise. Adds that when he saw her and her passion for the craft... that immediately just says working with her would be such a breeze. 

I've also discovered that afternoon that Louise is so beautiful without that much make up on. I've only seen her in events where she was heavily made up, but this number was so nice on her no? That and an outfit to boot, she looks gorgeous. Plus, she's really nice when we asked about the project because she doesn't think that the great ratings doesn't just fall on her... she says it's the whole team behind it that makes it successful. Bloggers observed that the reason why GMA trusts her is because of the performance of her shows in the past. She did not disappoint them and she says she remains so thankful of it. Humble and sweet, she hopes all of their work translate into getting more support from the viewers. 

The story is going to be more complicated as the days go by. Mike Tan as Jun and his other voice on the show will surely make you think if he's the right man (who knows?!) for Alona. He still knows her secrets, and if that's going to spell if a love story is in the works then stay tuned for more of "Kambal Sirena." Other stars on this show are Ryan Eigenmann, Tessie Tomas, Mickey Ferriols, Yuk Servo, Hershey Garcia, Angelika Dela Cruz, Rich Asuncion, Polo Ravales and anti hero extraordinaire Gladys Reyes.

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