GIORDANO, A Linen Story And Their First Local Endorser

Sunday, March 09, 2014

 Since 1981, Giordano has been able to establish its name in the fashion retail industry. Any Filipino would probably have one shirt, jeans, jacket or accessory in his/her lifetime. In the late 80's and 90's, Manila went all out crazy over colored shirts that it was almost normal to have that in different colors. Me included.

Giordano this year did something brave; they just announced that they will have their own local endorser. It happened to be someone everybody knows because of his hit series and undoubted popularity gained over the years. He might be 46 years old in real life but even the Vice President of Giordano Lloyd Lim said that it's not about the age, but how he carries himself, his style and demeanor. Their first ever local brand ambassador Richard Yap. Yes you heard that right. He is Richard Yap aka Papa Chen aka Sir Chief. He epitomizes Giordano's brand values and he's the perfect guy to represent the brand.

World without strangers is also their thrust this season. With 2006 stores all around the world, they are going to basically bridging the gap of age groups, ethnicity and style.

Not a stranger to us, Sir Chief himself is so confident that he's going to represent the brand very well since he's used the classic shirts even before. When asked, there was really no convincing anymore to get him as an endorser since he embodies what GIORDANO is as a brand. He represents any age group, and charms even the housewives at home with his style, that they didn't even want to change anything on his wardrobe.

Giordano also released their main campaign for this season. It's called A LINEN STORY. A Linen Story is comprised of three mini collections: Ethnic Beat which plays on Aztec symbols,  NATURE BURST which takes inspiration from nature, and SUMMER BLUES which concept comes from the beach. Giordano still aims to provide essential and timeless fashion for all; and to develop apparel for everyone regardless of your ethnicity, nationality or culture.
You'll see more of these pieces in stores soon.

I am so happy about this world class brand and how they have proven to be one of the greatest in the Philippine market. Just like you, I'll shop more!


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