When Chat History Saves You From Trouble

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Have you ever had that moment where you had to retrieve information but couldn't because it's either not possible on your chat medium or it only lasts a couple of days in storage? In this day and age, it is so hard to actually get all your conversations logged more so if it occupies space on your smartphone. Aside from that, apps usually carry a few days' worth of logs because these devices usually have limited space. Would you delete other apps on your device for that? Of course not!

Well don't be too sad, there's always WeChat 5.2 that can get you out of trouble if you need something dependable. How you ask? That's easy!

WeChat 5.2 also has been able to been able to save and back up conversations. You can also have those smart private talks protected by putting passwords on it.  

To back up or restore contents from your phone, simply use the same password you nominated for each user. Who knows? It might save you from the hassle too. Here's some good things that where WeChat 5.2 can help!

Retrieving Crucial Dates

I don't like it when I forget someone's birthday. I have been always doing that and I do regret it most of the time. Even if it's already stated on Facebook, there are times when I still don't catch it no matter how prominent it is placed on the right hand side of the site. This includes anniversaries or events; they tend to be missed by forgetful me. 

By actually saving conversations through WeChat 5.2, it gave me more things to refer to in case my schedule gets messed up by work or other activities. I remember, I almost missed the Art Fair Philippines exhibit this year. If it weren't for my friends who were talking about it on WeChat 5.2 a week ago before that, I would have missed this!

These are just one of the significant things I could have missed if it were not for that feature. That would have been sad no?!

Keeping Important Lists

If you are like me who uses one or more applications on my smart phone to schedule daily activities then WeChat 5.2's perfect for you. You can have your friends or family remind you of anything that they would want you to buy when you take your lists to a grocery. You can even do the same in meetings and projects you are working on for the office. Not to mention some major ones that would save lives because you can easily retrieve it on the cloud. It's where your data goes and comes from in case you would want to see it. It's a pretty neat concept that is being made normal by technological corporations nowadays. Best of all, it's free!

Retrieving Work Related Exchanges

Have you ever been to a situation in the office when people are pointing fingers about missing instructions or documents? Well let's just say I've been through many. It's a nice thing WeChat 5.2 can prevent that from happening now that you've got a way to save conversations through the app itself! You can now retrieve files on your desktop, work phone, or personal phone so you can find that office mate culprit! I can't tell you how that's going to be so much of a convenience for me!

It must have been so good to have lived in an age where it's convenient to save both offline and online content. Best of all, this app continues to be one of the most potent way of communicating whether for business or personal use. With minimum legwork to save data and maximum reach with your friends or family through this application, one can just imagine the fruitful benefits on getting connected and hooked up on WeChat 5.2. It's still the most convenient and ultra-social messaging application there is in the App Store now! Take it from a person who uses it almost every day to gain friends via the discovery section on the App! :) This really saves me a lot from trouble and you know it!


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