Hair Emergency Solved at Belleza Y Estilo Salon

Monday, March 31, 2014

I am not my usual self again and quite grumpy. I was not in the mood to go out and have fun with my friends because they were already making fun of my hair. As you can see I have this weird black line since my hair is growing out of the blonde color it originally had. 

So I called upon hair stylist to the stars Cher Nogara and asked to have my hair done that afternoon then rushed to their salon over at the 2nd Floor of the E.K. Building (No. 50 Don Antonio Heights 2, Brgy Holy Spirit Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City 1105) and said I had a hair emergency. Aside from the fact that my hair already grew like that, I felt I was turning into a gorilla. Funny I know, but do you get that feeling of ugliness and stress sometimes and you want to do something with it? That was exactly how I felt yesterday.

They understood my weirdness and got on with the work involved with my hair. They assured me not to panic hehe. I sat down on the comfy chair and got on with the coloring.

After a short rinse of my hair, we got on and bleached my hair again (I did have it bleached the first time a few weeks ago). The bleaching process is a little complicated. It's not for everybody because it is kind of a little painful. You just had to have guts and higher pain tolerance than the usual for you to be able to go through it. That, plus a LOT of air conditioning which the salon comfortably has. :)

I rinsed again and completed the bleach process. Now, I've got that very light hair shade I needed to start with the color process. The salon uses Davines products which are also organic. It's an international brand from Italy that promotes sustainable beauty. It's high end and got zero impact on nature. Isn't that amazing?

After a short rest, they put in the Silver color on my hair and waited again for it to take effect. This process is time consuming as you may understand since it requires bleaching which you saw earlier. The color was REALLY awesome and got my hair back into a great state in no time!

Belleza Y Estilo Salon also has other services. After the color, they went the extra mile and gave me more pampering via a Keratin Treatment. They massaged my scalp during that session too and it was very soothing. That relaxed me a lot and it was the perfect way to get my scalp back to normal after a little stress on the bleaching process I did earlier. I was surprised because my hair immediately become a little straighter than usual. It also went shiny on me, as in SHINEEEE! Then after that, they got wax and styled it again.

And now we're back to GREAT HAIR! :) Thank you Cher Nogara! You really know what to do on hair emergencies! ;)

I'd like to thank the great people of Belleza Y Estilo Salon. Just look at one of the owners right on the front counter, gorgeous vixen Ms. Heart de Guzman. Guys, take it easy LOL

Had to disturb her while she was doing a rebond procedure with a client. She's the very talented Ms. Beng Manuel. She just gave birth a few days ago and she's already here working. Congratulations on the new baby! :)

Thank you Cher Nogara for taking care of me and my crowning glory. Thank you also for saving me with my hair disaster. Now I've got my hair back to AWESOMENESS and it's all because of you guys at Belleza Y Estilo Salon. Let's do another great haircut soon shall we? I'm looking forward to that!

If you prefer to have an appointment with them and get your hair did... call or text them at 09225554419. Or you can just come over to their salon located at the 2nd Floor E.K. Building No. 50 Don Antonio Heights 2, Barangay Holy Spirit Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City 1105. I know I'll be back soon! :)


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