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Saturday, March 08, 2014

We were in BGC a few days ago to attend popular Japanese restaurant chain TokyoTokyo's Fire and Ice event. We were kind of kept in the dark of what it was all about but I had a pretty good hunch it was about new products in their store. I got my answer right after a few rounds of my favorite TokyoTokyo Red Iced Tea. Mmmm...

FIRE - an element that pronounces a man's courage and fervor. It's the perfect element to also signify hot melted cheese, oozing out on layers of soft meat covered in crispy bread crumbs and fried to perfection. This is their new CHEESE TONKATSU BENTO. 

Imagine your teeth sinking into finely shredded cabbage with roasted sesame dressing, tons of melted cheese with pork cutlet covered in crispy bread crumb batter and piping hot rice. Tell me, how can you go wrong with that?!

How cheesy is it?! Let's ask Paul!

You might not be able to hold it up with your chopsticks that long because the melted cheese just drips put of the meat. 

Then it was time for desserts!

ICE - made from the element of life, water. It signifies all things living and celebrates the sweetness of it.  shows better in the new TokyoTokyo dessert offerings!

This is their new SNOW ICE. It's roots come from the mother of all Asian desserts called Kakigori in Japan. It is said to be the forefather of the Philippines own HALO HALO or the Ice Kacang of Malaysia. They usually serve this at festivals to celebrate and induce luck and fortune. It's also available un three variants namely HaloHalo, Choco Sensation and the Mango Peach Medley. The halohalo is a modern take on the local dessert complete with ube, leche flan, nata de coco and crunchy corn flakes. Choco Sensation felt more of like brownie ala mode as it is composed of brownie chuncks, marshmallows, chocolate sauce and a cherry on top. My personal favorite the Mango Peach Medley resonates that fruity tropical flavors you'll love on a hot Sunday afternoon. All of these desserts lie on a bed of super finely shaved Vanilla ice that gives it just the right amount of sweetness. It's also perfect for sharing! 

Tokyo Tokyo also had Kaya F.C. and Daniel Matsunaga there that afternoon. Even the Japanese guys in the team were overjoyed that they tasted a lot of what they had back at home. If they approve it, Pinoys should definitely rush over to TokyoTokyo branches nationwide and get the same Fire and Ice love we had that afternoon. 

I'll definitely go back for the Cheese Tonkatsu Bento and the Snow Ice desserts soon!

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