BUM Launches New Collection and Endorsers Nash, Diego, Jane and Ella

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The well loved street/urban wear brand BUM took us on a whim through a grand fashion show called UNLEASH YOUR REALITEE. From hiding your true self, to anime, to rock and cosplay... they've done a lot to get you unravel yourself. That's their call this season and their Summer Collection speaks of pastel colors now even when they were dark and mystifying in the past. It's a lot of change but judging from the pieces we saw on the runway that evening... we also felt it was time! (Word of warning: Picture heavy post because this is 3 collections in one show!)

Since the Tees were the star of the show, we noticed right from entering the venue some mannequins on the side. They were showing off the new designs and prints that will soon populate BUM's racks. But wait, all along I thought they were mannequins... some of them are real people! I was startled when some of them moved!

I also had a small chat with the creative people behind the show and the campaigns shoot. In the middle is Rai Lacoste with his sister on the left. The guy on the right is photographer Ash Evasco. I must say, he did a pretty good job with the new endorsers which you'll see in a bit!

I already love what I'm seeing. The colors alone got me excited! Add to that some new patterns and designs on the shirts. The material also improved. You'll feel how much care they put into every shirt.

Bloggers were already at it. MJ, Edsel and Jeng were doing Twitter, FB, Instagram so you guys can get the latest photos of the stars that arrived there. Speaking of which, one already arrived!

That's Bea Binene. She's the lone GMA Artist that endorses BUM now. She says it doesn't matter because whether you are from other stations, once that you become part of the BUM family you won't feel any different. We'll see her on the show later too!

The fashion show started with a little introduction; Irish music and some Leprechaun looking chap that speaks French hosting the show. The lights were dimmed, and the models came out one by one. 

Now see how you can put these shirts into good use? Who can say these are ordinary tees? It's fashionable, definitely edgy! Plus, I love the stitched pants. Some even have color on them, would they have something in my size? I hope so!

Now remember, these are printed and colored shirts, shorts and jeans. It was easily jazzed up, accessorized well too. Seeing this transformation, it looks so easy to make their pieces stand out with just a few additions to the ensemble. The hues are cold, black, blue and some spurts of color in between. It all works. That was a pretty good start. Then on the second part of the show, they tore down the wall!

And out came those guys who wore the new BUM shirts we saw a while ago. The cosplayers cum mannequins surely looked good on their clothes. I love the grays in different tones and textures. There are also prints on the edges, pockets and sleeves that makes each piece so unique.

The second part of the show were full of graphic tees. Plus, do you see those tattered jeans? Those were really good imho! No, let me rephrase that... it's so AWESOME! I bet it can give those designer ones a run for its money.

Then I saw my favorite model on the show... I have yet to know who she is.

She's really a cute one. If you know her, please do comment and let me know her name :) (My neighbor says she's Joanna but I have yet to find her last name)

Excellent execution and styling. I'm giving props to whoever made those avant garde pieces on these guys. Well worth it. It also made sense on the shirts and jeans that these models flaunted on the stage.

Then she came in...

Bea Binene in the flesh. She always had a good fit on those shirts. As with her previous campaigns with this brand, she makes it a point to look good on them. True to fit and form, even if she is a little big on the hips it still makes her a very good endorser. BUM fits any kind of lady and still looks lovely on you, any time, any day. They also are gearing towards a more galactic design this time!

Now they've got the galaxy in different shades of blue. I know someone who would fit perfectly in those galaxy pants on the photo above! :)

Still has got those lovely prints on them. Cool to the eyes and perfect for a breezy or chilly afternoon.

Then we got another collection shown in pastel, mostly yellow shades.

There are also complementing colors like Sierra Brown, Mustard, Peach, Hot Pink and some Oranges. Now that wasn't seen in BUM in the past few years. They definitely have stepped it up!

This lady reminds me of Eva Longoria no?

I love the colored jeans. It's so unorthodox of BUM to come out with these pieces. It's so unlike them but it seems that this year, they are putting in a gamble on better design, material and fit. Are they finally gunning for the international market soon? I hope so.

Then after that show of power, they went ahead and introduced their NEW ENDORSERS!

Yes, you are seeing that right. BUM officially has new endorsers with Nash Aguas, Jane Oineza, Diego Loyzaga and Ella Cruz!

Congratulations BUM for a very successful show! Now that you've already seen what they will be releasing this year, I know you can't wait to see your favorite stars wearing them too. You must do the deed and have the best BUM shirt, Jeans and accessories on your closet or your back by making the best thing happen. This is BUM UNLEASHED. This is your REALITEE!

PS: I promised more photos for Nash so here you go!


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