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Sunday, March 30, 2014

I've been in tons of expo's and art events that I've probably seen them all. With the turnout of thousands I'm sure there's always someone and somebody that hoards pieces because they usually run out of the ones I like in seconds. Deals don't come often but I think there's big news about Harringtons that would definitely make enthusiasts rush to Rockwell Tent in Rockwell Drive in Makati. It's going to happen this April 6, that's a Sunday from 10AM to 7PM in the evening.

A preview will also happen on April 5, Saturday from 10AM to 7PM so if you want to get a glimpse of what they have in store, you might want to go there early. I heard they are coming out with paintings by top Filipino artists, sculptures, art installations, furniture, luxury cars and a lot more more. For sure there will be a wide assortment of junkets and trinkets to find on this weekend!

Here are some really good ones that have been confirmed to be at stake in the auction

This is Jewelry designed by the one and only Anita Del Rosario. It's beautiful!

This is an artwork by famed Filipino artist Arturo Luz. He's pretty well known around the world and if you get this piece, you'll be part of the few who will get to own one. Will you let this slip your collection?

Shiny, lustrous and gorgeous chandeliers by designer Gabby Barredo. Everything is going to be priced reasonable because this is their first salvo. So what are you waiting for? If you are interested to bid, you may register on both dates right on the venue... or contact HMR at 5486900 local 6962 for more details. Oh wait, here's one more!

A medical doctor made this, Toribio Herrera. He was featured by a Harvard Phd holder Rodolfo Paras-Perez which made his artwork known internationally. Will you let this piece escape your hands? Then do the right thing and check it out during the viewing, it'll be the best advice you'll ever get from me as an art enthusiast! I think the last time I checked I have taste.  :)

Check this video out!

See you there!


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Harringtons Lifestyle Auction
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