Tokyo Tokyo: The Great Donburi Taiketsu Showdown!

Monday, March 31, 2014

When you are presented two heaping bowls of rice and shrimp or rice and maki, which would you choose? Well that's about to become even real as Tokyo Tokyo reveals their best ever Maki and Shrimp Katsu Donburi. They've also gone bolder and pitted these two variants against each other in a one of a kind showdown entitled The Great Donburi Taiketsu!

These bowls have been a staple in every Tokyo Tokyo branch nationwide and it's pretty cool that it's now going to be in the spotlight! Why not?!  

 Imagine the Maki Donburi that mirrors the best seller California Maki which has got deep fried Kani scores of crispy onion rings smothered with Japanese Mayo and a savory sauce.

Then look at the other bowl of  Shrimp Katsu Donburi that mirrors their Katsudon that contains a crunchy shrimp patty in Tokyo Tokyo's original sauce topped on a bed of steaming hot white rice. 

The only problem then is, what will you choose? :)

Tokyo Tokyo has taken pride in making your food experience in their stores premium but affordable with these choices. Now, you can get these treats for less than a hundred pesos. Ala carte bowls of these wonderful Donburi bowls cost Php 85 but if you wish to have your meal complete with a glass of softdrink then you can get it for Php 99, isn't that a great deal? I know, but here's how you can get a thousand bucks worth of gift certificates courtesy of our friends from Tokyo Tokyo. Click on this!

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