A Night at Buddha Bar with Parisian Mixologist Mathias Giroud

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I'm young, wild and free and when it calls for a party, I go out with friends and have a great time with beer, wine or anything mixed in between. It makes the occasion a little better when you get a little loose and your inhibitions a little lower when you get tipsy. Not that I'm saying it's good to drink but everything in moderation is something called for. Best of all, you have a world class Mixologist Mathias Giroud whipping up drink after drink on the bar. It's one that most celebrities do when in Paris so why shouldn't we have that same love in Manila right? :)

He was already behind the counter when I arrived and stirred up his magical concoctions that he says is close to art. We understood by the way he presented it in a real deal palette.

He pays real close attention to detail. This one was served for me and I loved it!

It's watermelon, vodka (I think), some liqueur and a slight hint of Ylang ylang, the flower that they use to make Chanel No.5. He's making this on top of his head without a recipe on display.

This had Mango, rhum (I think), some liqueur and Tandoori spice. It had a hint of curry flavor to it. I thought it was going to be weird but it worked quite well. The burnt caramel popcorn was there to complement it and it did just that!

 To go with that, we saw this palette filled with some dried fruits and components of the drinks we were having that evening. I had a lot LOL!

He was quite fond of the Mangoes available and the spices from Asia. I guess that pretty much is the basis of some of the drinks he served that evening. He also had this one which has passion fruit on it. It was light and yummy. You won't realize you're getting spiked at all.

Three things on this tray, but we all love the rose water based drink and the foam that came with it. There was also something with crushed grapes and pandan on it. Exotic but really good. What else do you expect from a world class Buddha Bar in Manila right?

Think of alcohol burning on these ladle like contraptions he used for show, it's what he calls Dragon Fire Cocktails. He flambe'd the pineapple and everything around it. This was good. It was complete and we had to ask for seconds. This is the biggest and the best 4 day cocktail festival in the Philippines and it all happened in Buddha Bar Manila. He'll be traveling to other Asian countries after this but all the good drinks will stay at Buddha Bar's menu. If you haven't been to this place, you're missing a lot. It's located at Picar Place, Kalayaan Avenue in Makati City. If you would like to have reservations, just call them at 8566859/8566709 or email them at info@buddhabarmanila.com. You can also visit the channels below for more information. See you there! I'll be having an evening with friends there soon!


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