OWL: Authentic Straits Asian Coffees and Teas Now In The Philippines!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

It's not my first time to actually see OWL coffee. I've seen this in Singapore and this is one of the staple things I get as gifts for people at home. For one, I love White Coffee. It tastes a whole different from the instant ones we get here. It's got a little more kick to it, plus the roasted flavor was much felt in every sip. It helped a lot when I was rushing some reports for work and kept me awake a little more than the usual effect of coffee on me. Good news just came when I received an invite to the launch of OWL... yes ladies and gentlemen, you don't have to spend a fortune just to get this from Singapore or nearby South East Asian countries because they are now here in the Philippines!

I went in and grabbed a cup that afternoon, it felt like it was my own private siesta. I was relaxed and smelling the cup of white coffee being mixed beside me. I was even wondering why it smelled different. When I read the label it had something funny written on it, coconut sugar. I wasn't really familiar with it but went ahead and fixed my brew. 

 Funny, I thought I wouldn't like it but after one sip on the cup... I was hooked. That afternoon alone, I got 3 cups of this 3 in 1 coffee with creamer and coconut sugar. The thing was even a little frothy on top which got me excited each time I stirred a cup again.

I even got more excited because I saw some more variants on the shelf! This is after all 50 glorious years of roasting and blending. As for the others who have been able to taste it that afternoon, they practically know the difference between the new OWL Coffee and the usual 3 in 1 coffee we have in the Philippines. The flavor's richer, some are non conventional but really good. There are also some tea involved in the mix like the Teh Tarik (your fave Malaysian Milk Tea) and Soothing Brew which has got Ginger and Honey on it.

To show in an ultimate test, they also made this coffee that I tasted into a full blown ice blended concoction. They got the one with Coconut sugar on it and mixed in Cookies et voila! Cookies and Cream was awesome! They also made one with our childhood favorite Chocnut and boy that was a treat!

Mr. Kerwin Wong, CEO of Transaxion Unlimited Corporation which is the distributor of OWL Coffee in the Philippines and their executives says they are barely scratching the surface. Their coffees are available in large groceries and they are still gearing to to ultimately position themselves as something that can be enjoyed by Filipinos all day everyday. They know how much competition they are on since there are a lot of other brands in the market. Their main selling point is quality, variety and coffee that has been enjoyed by millions of people around the world. If we want something different, something that's richer, bolder and flavorful... they OWL Coffee can exactly deliver that.

From the coffee plantations in the straits of Malacca to your coffee cup in Manila, OWL Coffee presents a very good challenge to what we're used to. The authentic coffee mixes that's got different creams, sugar and even evaporated milk seen in this region is already a whole different culture. For those who love it, OWL Coffee can let you experience what's good in these Asian countries and make that easy for you to enjoy. It just got even better.

For those who would like to experience OWL Coffee, you can find them in big groceries nationwide. Aside from that, you can follow their social media channels below for updates. Ciao!


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