Glucerna 1-2-3 Challenge Update

Monday, March 31, 2014

I've been able to replace one meal per day using Glucerna SR. As with some of the usual high blood pressure and  heightened sugar levels, yes it did make a difference. I also lost a couple of pounds. Initially I had problems coping because I usually eat a ton during dinner when I only have a glass of Glucerna SR for lunch. I adjusted and tried to eat less after a while. Sugar levels as used in strips go around 130-180 but I remember having 240+ before I did this, so in that regard I did make some improvements.

A few weeks ago, I ran out of it so I kinda had to go back with the usual lunch. I haven't checked yet with the doctor what my current levels were after the series of Glucerna replacement meals. Though I'm sure it was in the normal levels because I've never felt so good even if I was losing a little weight. I wasn't even grumpy at all after a few days which means I've probably adjusted already.

This new batch of boxes arrived just today and I am excited to flood my self with Vanilla. It's not too sweet, it's just right. The chocolate is actually the favorite of a lot of people I know that take Glucerna SR too and I can't blame them because it's also really good. Plus if they have cravings for Chocolate, that word alone would really get them going. 

As for me, I'm having this gigantic mug of Glucerna SR with lots of ice. It dissolves really well in cold water and it tastes just as good when I last had it. Hopefully this time, I'll lose more weight in the process. I must say that 1. It works, 2. It doesn't raise blood sugar levels and would be perfect for those who are having issues with diabetes. I strongly suggest though that in any diet, you must first consult a doctor that would exactly recommend your regimen. 

I'd like to take this bit and thank the good people of Glucerna SR who's taking their time to take this journey with me. Thank you also to my friends who also help me NOT crave for lunch every time we go out. I'll do my best to stick to the plan and further normalize my sugar levels. Blessed be.


If you would like to try the it with me, please see this post about the Glucerna 1-2-3 Challenge here.

Note: I was chosen to be given samples by Glucerna. Opinions stated on this post are my own. This is not a paid post and honestly, I still love it! :)

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