WeChat's Got Special Stickers for Women’s Month!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The most awesome person in the world is my Mom. I'm sure most of you will say the same. That goes with your sisters, friends and relatives of the female form. At the end of the day, you hold certain special things in the past. Most of them are memories; and the energy you get from them is insurmountable. I am proud of them!

If you may have seen in recent days, the Philippines in almost every media outlet has celebrated Women's Month. We have participated together with other nations the recent International Women's Day which happened March 8, 2014. To give honor to these individuals, WeChat has just released new stickers to give thanks to the women in your life.

Miss Sweetness Alive - She's that refined woman who's as charming as the one you see in books. Warm and welcoming in any situation. They make you feel comfortable and are always there whenever you need advice. They're exactly like your Mom, or close friends because you can confide to them your hardships in life but still gives sound advice whenever you need it. They are your go to persons if you want TLC. Isn't she sweet?!

Miss Live Wire - They are real born leaders, heroes in their own right. They are the existing alpha in the Greek alphabet. They hunger for the win. If you have that certain femme fatale personality then these stickers represent you. Almost like Wonder Woman and can juggle all the facets of her job and still have time to take care of the family. That's her! She's likely to use also WeChat's Group Chat feature that can get 100++ people in one group. It makes instructions easy to send to a multitude of your work personnel or friends too.

Miss Atlas Trouper - She's always out in the world, finding external forces that could influence and make her professional and personal life better. A go getter, easily can be seen anywhere she goes and inspires others to do the same. She does good things and shares that same trait with other people as much as she can. Use the sticker and you would likely be someone who would use WeChat's location sharing and discovery feature. Try Shake, Friend Radar or People Nearby and you can get more friends in the process. One who's got a happy social life, a better person inside and out. That's Miss Atlas Trouper for you!

Miss Get Happy - If she's too non predictable and radical, she's bound to be the one to think of creative and inventive things every time you get together then she's Miss Get Happy. They will always try to make you happy, get your spirits up whenever she sees you need it. Her free spirit will be always contagious. They think about happy things and enjoy if you get bursting into laughter. They are the sunshine to your rain and the first person to start good times. She's bound to use WeChat's Walkie Talkie or Hold-to-Talk voice notes to get you in the mood. She also initiates those fun times by making video calls so that no distance can be between you. We always have a friend/sister that's like that. Something that would instantly tell you to utter the words "I love her!". A woman who never simmers in dull moments and makes your gloomy day a brighter one on cue!

WeChat has got so many ways to get you connected with the special people in your life. They also have stickers that can tell that special one what you feel in that particular time when text is not enough. To my Mother, sister and friends, thank you for being there for me when I needed it most. I might not like most of the women outside my circle, but if it's you... I'd make an exception to love you just like you do me. :)


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