Dion Ignacio Brought Joy, Celebrates Birthday in Bagong Silangan Elementary School

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kapuso hunk Dion Ignacio together with his sponsors and GMA Artist Center spent an afternoon with kids at Bagong Silangan Elementary School. It's one of the most densely populated public schools in Quezon City and most of the students here come from nearby depressed areas. Dion and the rest of the guys wanted to not only bring joy to these kids but also reach out to them as a way of giving thanks for their support to GMA Artists all these years.

 Though they are not that well off, the school administration made it a point to teach them worthwhile skills that would hone their talents as they grow older. I'll update this post later with a video so you get to see their drum and lyre band.

The kids waited so eagerly on the sidelines for Dion Ignacio. When he got there the kids erupted with joy! But he had to change clothes first as required by his sponsors, now where's mine Petrol?! LOL

Tess Bomb hosted the show. As usual, she was really hilarious! I felt they are not just here to promote themselves but to become closer to their audience... The masses. They have 1500++ students who will graduate this January. They invited us also for that occasion.

Then he came in! :)

And because it's his birthday, he's going to be the one to give gifts to these kids! :)

Dion gave them spanking brand new band instruments for the school's Drum and Lyre corps.  Dion Ignacio would like to thank his sponsors Sweet Escape, Petrol, YSA Skin Care, Afficionado, Barbie and Elle, Sundance, Jockeylina Food Services Co. for the catering, and Cihris-Carl Stuffed Toys for the gifts they gave to the kids.

Doin Ignacio also appears in afternoon show INAMORATA so if you want to spend the afternoon with him, you can easily do that!

When I asked him about the time he went a little out of the radar, he didn't answer me with workshop reasons as a silly excuse for that. He proudly came back to me and says that he goes to church regularly and came to believe in God. That was the time he says that he truly felt he knew God. That really made him busy during those days. He says he's really blessed and so thankful that he let himself be guided by him when he needed help.

Has insecurities but always stays true. Sometimes he wants to be showbiz but he can't. He apprieciates spending time with the kids and says he understand where they are coming from. Being also the bread winner of the family, he knows how hard it is to make a living. He's also helping his kins to finish their studies. He's so humble, and even talked to me when I was a little nervous when I was beside him. He even talked about my headphones and told me about a cheaper one that works quite the same :)

They had fun, they had the time of their life. I really like these events that Artist Center put up. They get their stars exposed to the public schools where kids like me (lol) would both get entertained, happy and get inspired. Thanks for inviting me to these outreach projects! You guys have the coolest ideas to celebrate birthdays!


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