7107 International Music Festival Highlights Day 2

Saturday, March 01, 2014

With a pretty fantastic Day 1 I have yet to see Red Hot Chili Peppers the next day. I don't even know if that part is going to top Kaskade's set last night but I'm pretty confident they're going to make this an even better 7107 International Music Festival! I got back around 2PM because I was drunk and woke up late LOL. I immediately rushed to the Main stage when I heard something familiar playing local tunes. 

It was Itchyworms! Jugs had us going, he even joked with the American riggers and said "See we're so sikat (famous) here!" and got the audience laughing with him. It wasn't like showtime at all, it was even more. I was like so proud that there's a Filipino act on the main stage leveling up with all the nationalities that performed there. His antics and his band mates even made fun of the other songs, like a mash up of some sort which made the crowd enjoy more! Represent!

This was one of the bands I was waiting for in the evening. Radio Active Sago Project. I think I already have one of their CD's but probably got lost somewhere. Smart lyrics, smart people and funky music. I dig the horns, I dig the percussion and vocals. It was simple but witty, I'm not surprised because Lourd De Veyra is a legend in that area. Well, that and the tweet he did the other day LOL! If you can see, Gang Badoy is also there hitting the tambourine.  Pretty cool huh?

Then came one of the most awaited artists in the 7107 International Music Festival!

That right there is Grammy Award Nominee Kendrick Lamar. His music isn't something that's on my playlist but this is the first time I've seen him perform. I was like "So that's why he's nominated for a Grammy!" like an aha! moment LOL! He was cool with the crowd and he gave us his hits one by one. He even forced me to do that heart sign haha! Anyway, he brought his A game and I am so fortunate to have some of my friends there to witness one historic event!

As if it's not enough, they went ahead and took an hour break to bring the pièce de résistance which of course is RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS!

 And when they came out, it was pandemonium! I was screaming like a guy, and I got my voice lost in no time. It was nostalgic because I only see these guys on videos and listen to their music on mp3's and now they're right here performing in front and I'm only a couple of hundred people away from them. I was clapping, shouting and trying to calm my self down since I'm taking videos. Flea my favorite bassist was really crazy! I love every bit of his stunts!

It was worth all the travel and money spent to go to the 7107 International Music Festival! Red Hot Chili Peppers was damn crazy! They also played a few more songs for an encore! Thank you to 7107 International Music Festival's production who brought them all the way here to the Philippines! Thank you also to the great ones at Fleishman Hillard Philippines and Smart Communications for taking care of us while we're there. To give you an even better treat, here's some videos I got from the festival... ciao and enjoy!

Looks like we're going to have even more fun next year right? Till the next 7107 International Music Festival! :)

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