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Monday, March 31, 2014

When you've got really good friends from high places and you can't think about what to give them when it's their birthday/just have a special occasion, you might want to consider this cool thing from my friends over at Memoirmag. I was surprised to receive this a couple of days ago in the mail and they've got a pretty great idea of putting memories into this form. Something that you can see everyday, something that is very PERSONAL. Things like these are indeed priceless. I wouldn't trade it for the world!

I remember meeting Roanne for the first time in a bloggers trip to Guimaras a few years back. Since then, I felt so comfortable with her and her brother. Her demeanor in life is so amazing and even if she's a successful professional in Macau, she stays grounded and humble. She's one of the most beautiful faces I've seen too so it's just right that we become first class friends. She then gave me these awesome trinkets from Memoirmag.

MEMOIRMAG is basically a product and a service. They turn your "precious moments" into magnets. If you are like me who spends countless hours of their day appreciating their good looking selfies online, this is perfect for you. Or if you have those special moments on Instagram that you want immortalized on magnet form then this is the way to do it. In their case, they chose the awesome photos from my @kumagcow Instagram account and got that printed like this!

They prolly use really good photo paper because it's shiny. Plus I think they have taste just by looking at the photos they chose in this bit. It's been years since I've found that photographer photo on the bottom right when I was in the documentary for street photography in Atom Araullo's show KALYE. That show isn't even here anymore, but now I can see the memories EVERYDAY.

Grumpy? No. I love this particular shot done my Ron Torres during the wedding of my friends Louie and April Niduaza which I think happened 2 years ago. I don't usually have portraits but this was perfect LOL. See what I mean about memories?

This one was part of the series I did for Converse. I love my jacket from Marks and Spencer with the bags and shoes from Converse! Woot! You can pick your Outfit of the day and put it into magnets like these. Wouldn't that be awesome?

Now my photos would take the spotlight in our home refrigerator so that every time someone opens the door, they will see me first haha! Aside from that, I can probably put this on my home office table and put the memos on it. It's pretty darn useful and it's gonna look so good if you put it anywhere in your home... now why don't you get one for your friends/family?! How? That's easy!

1) You can go to their Facebook page and check out their channels

2) Or Email them and ask about their services.

3) Check out their Instagram account or their website for more information about their product and services. That's in and

Plus the price of these things are really affordable. Giving gifts isn't really about the amount you pay for it, sometimes it's just the thought that comes with it. Make sure you check them out and they'll have it delivered right to your doorstep. It's really awesome! You should have one for yourself and the ones you love! Now do yourself a favor and get those digital photos printed now by Memoirmag! 

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