Crosswinds: Grand Quartier III

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Nestled at the cool, breezy, mountainous region in Tagaytay is this 100 hectare property that boasts of thousands upon thousands of pine trees, steep roads, heavenly views and a quaint community that could simply be breathtaking anytime of the day. This is Crosswinds Swiss Luxury Resort. It is composed of a couple of real estate projects namely The Alpine Village, The Swiss Quadrilles, The Grand Quartier, Deux Pointe and one or more custom home sites. They have just inaugurated a part of the Grand Quartier property that we'll be seeing in a bit and I'll be showing you some nice ones that's surely be great for investments if you currently have the mileage to own one of them as well.

Some weekend warriors actually have kept this place a secret because they usually lounge around the cute coffee shop and gift shop found right near the entrance of Crosswinds. It was like Christmas all throughout the year!

Later on this year, there will be a huge windmill on the front of the estate. They plan to open a dedicated coffee shop and a full blown restaurant on this part of Tagaytay. Business will surely grow when they start developing this area.
 As the name of the property also implies, all house models usually follow the "Swiss Chalet" type of design. You'll see that the place is cohesive and feel like you're in a different world when you get there.

This is the Delemont. It's a down hill type of home which means you can see the top floor and have several stories down below dedicated to rooms for your home. This one is spacious and perfect for a medium sized family. It can probably also accommodate a number of guests on weekends and I was inkling to have this as a vacation home. The place is serene and quiet. This was one of the few situated right smack in the middle of everything. There are lots of this kind that go around 260 - 560 square feet. I loved it.

They promote a year round Christmas celebration and we've seen Santa's Toy Shop and the Christmas Yule Shop open too!

Then just in front of these shops is the Deux Pointe community.

There are three different types of houses in this joint (Duetto Tresor, Duetto Primo and Gran Duetto) which differs in floor space hence more rooms; but we're only looking at this one which is on sale... I think this is the Dueto Primo.

I wanted to live here or invite my friends over for a short vacation. This would be a dream summer home. I loved it!

We then proceeded to our room at the Grand Quartier II adjacent to their new project Grand Quartier III. It was one of the nicest place to rest because of its grandiose floor area... and the breakfast was awesome! It's probably what the rooms on the planned Grand Quartier III is going to look like. Other than that, the Grand Quartier III promised balconies. This one didn't have it but the window's view was already breathtaking! 

Then the next day, we proceeded to the Topping Ceremonies over at Grand Quartier II. We were greeted by a real deal Bagpipe player! Hail to the Scotts!

He played pretty good and they were also starting to plant more Pine Trees! It smelled so fresh there, prolly from the pine needles. :)

A local priest blessed the building. Then we released the butterflies!

We were also treated with the presence of Former Senate President Manny Villar together with the real estate company's executives and board members. Another promising project on it's way of completion and is looking for more home owners and investors. They also operate a condotel type of setup so if you are interested, you know where to call.

Thanks to the people who accommodated us during the event! Love you guys at Crosswinds! I'll be back soon!


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