The AVIDA Food Hunt

Saturday, March 08, 2014

It's a hot weekend afternoon in Makati and what better way to enjoy it but by having a Avida Food Hunt. This is organized by Avida and hosted by Chef JJ Yulo who does food events professionally.

We went off to our first location which is Titania located west of Makati. It's also a stones throw away from Avida's Asten project. 

As you can see, Titania is a mecca for all kinds of wines, a variety of cheeses and savory cold cuts that can rival any deli internationally. During the tour, we were treated with a wine tasting class by its owner. 

You get to also have a little more than the usual knowledge about wines and their classifications. Sweetness, acidity, aroma, you'll know the complexities of the things you have in wine glasses. Sort of a Wine tasting 101 which is pretty edicational. The full course usually takes 3 hours and we got a compressed version. Still learned a lot! The place also accepts walk ins and drive bys if you want to get a bottle or case for your parties. Balbec White Wine from Argetina was recommended by Joe Meneses who owns the joint. Chef Renee (Le Cordon Bleu) can even customize your food according to your budget. I'm already am excited to see what's next!

Thao and Ahn Ngo owns one of the best places in Sandwich History. Their establishment is called Bon Bahn Mi (Vietnamese Sandwiches). They are located at 8390 Mayapis Street San Antonio Village in Makati. I almost bought a franchise because DAMN! Their sandwiches are SO GOOD! 

It's truly authentic as they have the freshest ingredients. The bread, pate, and pickled vegetables were to die for. They are after all, real deal Vietnamese so it doesn't get any authentic than that. Their prices too are dirt cheap as less than a hundred pesos per piece that could feed 2-3 people in one sitting. Their artichoke iced tea is also a good pair for any sandwich coming out of their counter. The bread they use can change your life. I highly recommend it! 

Next on our trip! 

This is 8065 Bagnet. It's located at 8065 Estrella corner Tanguile Streets in Makati. It's pretty popular already with locals and groupies. It's also owned by the family of Kitchie Nadal. Their bagnet is soft but crunchy on its skin. They also have Kare Kareng Bagnet that might rival the original. I soooo love their bagnet that I had 3 cups of rice in a few minutes. Do not leave Makati without it!

Don't tell me I didn't tell you to stay because you'll regret it!

Next we headed to Mao Jian Hunan Cuisine.

I already reviewed this place back when they were still in Ronac Center. Now, they are in a better location that's even VERY close to the Chinese embassy so it's normal for you to see mainland people eating here. 

Their specialty:

This humongous piece of hotness is their Spicy Fish Head. Don't worry because they can customize it's spice level according to your taste. They also have other items on the menu which you can call recipes from Northern China. Pretty spectacular food in this joint of course! 

You can also try their Chili Chicken or Hot and Sour Spicy Cabbage (which I love!) for some variety.

The small shop has VIP rooms for those who want a more private dining experience. The restaurant is located at Bagtikan Street, Makati City. For authentic Hunan cuisine, this is the place you should go visit! Hot hot hot! :)

Then we had desserts! 

BEBE ROUGE Patisserie is located at Sacred Heart Street San Antonio Village Makati. It is right beside Hatchin Grocery that's popular among Japanese nationals. It's best seller and my favorite is this STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE!

It was as good as what I had last night. I swore a little when I tasted it because it's so awesome I had to have seconds! Other items on the counter would just get your mouth water!

All of these stores are actually located in San Antonio Village area which means you can walk to these places on foot with ease. It's also near the AVIDA Asten site which means people who bought the property are so LUCKY! Now, you can actually try the AVIDA FOOD HUNT to get a feel how to live amongst those who already have condominium units by signing up on the AVIDA LAND Facebook page ( or visiting their Avida Showroom at the 2nd Floor Glorietta 4. They will choose lucky ones to go with them so please say hi and check out the details there!


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