Great Food, Great Drinks at LOCALE GASTROBAR

Monday, March 10, 2014

A bottle cap on a wall would sometimes prove to be a tad misleading. You'll probably end up only thinking about beer, beer and beer.

I wouldn't mind that at all. 

That right there is a guy's dream. After a hard days work, or just hanging out with friends, a bottle or two is simply bliss!

I went to LOCALE GASTROBAR in City Golf Compound. An area populated by small joints and restaurants. It's a stones throw away from Metrowalk and Home Depot; it stands along Julia Vargas Avenue in Pasig City. 

Amongst the establishments there, I find the bar a little off for the area. Why? I find it better and upscale. This kind of pub should be lined up with some of the best ones in the BGC, Morato or Makati area. No pun intended. (logo cr. Jean Naval and Local Gastrobar Facebook page)

I thought I'd be there to enjoy beer, but when I saw the menu... I said a prayer.

I found out that my diet was in trouble. 

Locale Gastrobar didn't just have good booze, they had a ton of GOOD COMFORT FOOD on the menu. I already felt warm and fuzzy when the appetizer arrived.

Truffled Mozzarella Balls - It's so soft, pillowy inside and a bit crunchy on it's exterior. The dips are garlic and tomato based, it complemented the cheese well. The tangy tomatoes cut the puffy balls well. It went out in 60 seconds. Joke, but it was that good that I'd do that if I didn't have manners. LOL! But trust me, anything that's got truffle on it is freakin good!

Locale Taco Salad - How can you not love something so inviting like this? Crunchy taco discs, fresh iceberg lettuce leaves, tomato salsa, tasty ground meat, sour cream, cheese and more cheese! The End. Oh wait! There's more!

Angus Beef Meatballs - Soft tender meat pieces formed into a ball (possibly spiced breadcrumbs mixed into it) that tastes light, so good with that basil pesto and tomato laid around the plate. The parmesan cheese provided that hint of saltiness at the end of the bite. This was a hit!

Spicy Gambas - A ton of shrimps wouldn't be complete without a spicy tomato based sauce, tons of chilies that would give a kick in all the right places. It's all you want in a plate.

 Then, I had a heart attack when this was served on our table...

Deep Fried Grilled Cheese Sandwich - The most enormous serving of cheese enveloped inside wheat bread slices, grilled, then covered in batter, then fried till the crispy exterior forms. It was a mouthful just saying that. This in not even close to comfort food, this is an AMEN. Something heavenly!

3 Herbed Baked Salmon Risotto - Soft Salmon cooked medium on a grill then put on a bed of dreamy Mushroom risotto and a couple of dabs of butter caper sauce. Slide over the fish into the butter caper sauce and you'll love it. I took a couple spoon fulls of the Mushroom risotto and it was delish! It was so good that I finished it and took the fish later on. Al dente, which is how it should be made.

Kahlua Ribs - These ribs were soft and good. Flavor wise, the rub on the meat must have been only done outside since that's where it resonates in much of the bite. Pretty filling because the serving is quite huge. I'd share this with a friend or two then order other things on the menu. Not my fave since I already admitted to love the sandwich (^_^)v but this comes close... next to the Mozzarella Balls and because I love meat!

Blue Marlin Curry - Lovely huge slices of real deal Blue Marlin dipped in batter then covered with Corn Flakes then deep fried, served on the side of thick, intense but moderately spicy curry sauce then put on a bed of piping hot white rice and a couple of tomatoes, carrots and potatoes. You must make sure that you eat this while it's hot because toppings usually go cold fast, plus it's better eaten that way. I loved the fish and how they went with the corn flakes since it's got more texture than ordinary breading. This is homey, comfort food.

Foie Gras Bacon Angus Cheeseburger - If the Chef says it's got Foie Gras, Bacon strips, thick Angus Beef Burger patty and cheese on top, would you say NO to this burger? I thought so. The best thing about it is really the Foie Gras. It's like having a dreamy, unadulterated burger that's got everything you asked for but with Foie Gras on it. Did I say the Foie Gras was nice? Oh yes, it was a freakin awesome burger. Then I woke up dreaming about it all over again. It's appetizing, delectable, delightful, juicy and luscious foie gras! Hi! I'm a Foie Gras monster! Sorry I'm babbling after that! LOL

House Beers - We didn't leave the place without getting a mug or two of their beers. Jacob here is holding up a mug of Kiwi Beer. They also have Lychee and Butter Beer! I on the other hand had my fix of a hoe. Not that kind of hoe.

This kind of HOE! :) It's my fave! Hoegaarden! It's like I'm letting the sun fall into my glass. I loved it and it's size. Would you believe this costs a measly P150 bucks? Crazy right?

Well, whoever you are, whatever you do, if you wish to have a good time, great booze, scrumptious food and a happening place in the Ortigas-Julia Vargas area, please do try and grab some of these great dishes that went out of LOCALE GASTROBAR's kitchen. It's comfort food made bigger and better. You might forget your name with the foie gras burger but you're pretty much okay after that. 

They've got Happy Hour from 5-9PM daily which will get you buy 1 take 1 promos on all local beers and selected cocktails. They've got Beer All You Can Mondays if you can opt to have unlimited beer for P299.00 all night long! Same price applies on Margarita Tuesdays if you dig Frozen Margaritas too. Tequila Wednesdays means it's buy 1 take 1 on shots and bottles on Cuervo, Mojito Thursdays means it's 349 for bottomless Mojitos at LOCALE GASTROBAR. If you're celebrating and want to have private functions, they have packs as low as 30K consumable with open bar on weekdays at 10 to 12 PM. They've got tons of promos and events happening in a week so I suggest you check out their social channels below and get your friends to come too. I'll be back there with a hoe next week and get more hoes for my friends too. Tell me what you think about the food if ever you guys pass by. It's hidden from the mainstream bars but the crowd is really great, so expect awesome things happen when you're there! I'm going on a limb and recommending them like an 9/10!

LOCALE GASTROBAR is located at City Golf Compound, Julia Vargas Avenue, Ortigas Center, 1604 Pasig City. For reservations/inquiries you may call them at 026310468 / +639292533128 / +639279547414.

See you guys there!


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