McJim Announces Newest Endorser Anton Del Rosario

Saturday, March 29, 2014

One of the most reputable brands of leather goods and accessories McJim finally came out and announced their latest endorser Mr. Anton Del Rosario of the Philippine Azkals. This American born Filipino football player has continually inspiring sports lovers and their fans to be the best they can be no matter what field or endeavor they choose. Having been able to play for the national team for years, he says it's but an honor to have been chosen to represent the brand. His good looks, great body and classy exterior  no matter what events I found him in makes him even KUMAGCOW approved. He's a little soft spoken but very well dressed. I guess that part is a no brainer for McJim.

Anton also tried out the products himself. He was expecting nothing spectacular since it's a local brand. Knowing how some unscrupulous manufacturers in the Philippines work he probably thought it was okay to expect less. The belts alone made him think otherwise. He couldn't believe how much care and attention to detail was put into each of these pieces. McJim presented him with stylish, great quality leather goods that is world class. It's something very surprising to have in the local market, good thing I already know that because I've been using McJim for years now.

The quality and design of their new products were also seen by my compatriots. It all looks so good from where I was. I still have my McJim bag, belt and wallet around my artillery. It still works no matter how formal or casual I need to be. They've got this guy Anton Del Rosario to prove more how the brand can encompass any age group and any style. Rugged, classy or athletic, you can count on McJim to get you whatever stylish leather accessory that is.

That is good vibes.


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