Galema: Anak Ni Zuma's Finale on March 28!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

We attended the Finale press conference of Galema: Anak Ni Zuma a few days ago and they just announced that the series will end on the 28th of this month to give way to new shows in ABSCBN. It's bittersweet says Director Wenn Deramas because it's been a long time that I have forged friendships again in a show. The cast is tight knit, very close, like family because the experience working almost every day for the past few months needed that relationship for the story to work. Andi Eigenmann says she will miss the cast and is very thankful that the management continue to trust her as she'll be in Dyesebel too right after this.

The last time I saw Sheryl Cruz in the flesh was in our house in the late 80's since her Dad and my Uncle were good friends. Long story. She'll be playing a very big role in the last few days of GALEMA. You all thought she's going to be that kind mother everyone wants, but do you remember Zuma transferring a lot of venom on her? That and the amulet will make her transform into a half snake half human anti hero in this series. Galema will surely have a hard time because in the end, she'll still have her parents as her enemies. We all know what happened to Zuma the last time when she decapitated him just so he stops his rampage.

Matteo Gudicceli's character had so much transformation in the series. Even Galema doesn't know if he loves the new snake daughter he has in the show. She gave birth to twins but one of them is a real deal snake which Matteo's character had a hard time accepting. Later on, he had trouble in the story because even Galema doubts his loyalty. 

When asked about them having a real romantic involvement in real life, Andi says that would never ever happen because they've known each other for a long time. Neither one said they'd be interested with each other because they are extremely platonic. They treat each other as brother and sister. That's how close they are but it would never ever be romantic. Matteo adds that he'd probably be loving Sarah only and fight for that. Well categorically it was Director Wenn who said that during a consultation, he's the in house therapist they say. Andi also said that Ejercito's really special, whatever they have going on is tops for her.

Then we had a special guest come in during the press conference. You won't believe it but those muscles are true! Ladies and gentlemen, Derrick Hubalde aka Zuma!

He's indestructible and can practically resurrect if you try and kill him. He didn't talk that much in the press conference because the make up and costume took hours to put on. It was awesome seeing him in the green... in the flesh I mean.

Make sure you watch the show at 4:15 PM in the afternoon at ABSCBN and TFC elsewhere in the world. Watch how she'll have the last battle with Sheryl Cruz in the last few days of Galema: Anak Ni Zuma!


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