Scribe Writing Essentials: Launches New Store in Shangrila Mall East Wing

Sunday, March 09, 2014

I have been one of the less blessed people when it comes to handwriting. My professors would dare to even compare it to papers that have been scratched by chickens back in high school. It's my kryptonite and admittedly so I wasn't really good at it. When I attended an event in Shangrila Mall's East Wing, I guess I already considered to put up my arms and surrender because I was inspired by some of the work displayed during the Scribe launch. Scribe Writing Essentials is a specialty store dedicated to all things about crafty-artsy writing. If everyone was in old English costumes I could have sworn it would have looked like a medieval gathering. Let's take a look at what brands they have inside the store:

I remember taking a shot at this J. Herbin La Perle des Encres Fountain Pen Ink ages ago. My grandma was still alive then. They have 30 different colors and it's nice to see this available now in the Philippines. Ours was imported from the US I think when I saw this first.

They also have some well designed Daycraft Notebooks. They really have good ones for corporate, business or executive planners. Something high end/premium well fit for people who want it sleek and classic.

I love this feather pen that's for calligraphy and this Japanese brand Sailor which manufactures Fountain Pen Jentle Ink. I might not be a good in handwriting but this is a dream no?!

My pen of choice back in college is this CROSS pen. I had to be different because everybody else had a Parker Pen, I'm cool like that. I also marveled at this German branded pen Pelikan. The experts wanted that one, I must check that out why later. They apparently have repair centers for the Pelikan too, they must have a life expectancy of forever if that's the case.

All these great international brands will be available at the pen and ink meccas in 3rd Level Eastwood Mall, SM Aura Premier, SM Megamall's Fashion Hall, Glorietta 5 and at the new one, located at the Shangrila Mall Plaza's East Wing. Writing enthusiasts, artists, calligraphers and just anyone who loves writing should pay a visit. They have kept this art form still burning after all these years and they are growing!

I promise, I'll try to write again. :)

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Scribe Writing Essentials
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