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Monday, March 03, 2014

I'm sure you guys have been waiting for this post for a long time. I've been sending teasers on twitter a lot and I always kept you hanging because I wanted to give you also the best ending ever on my posts for Got To Believe since they're ending the series already. As I'm writing this post, Joaquin is about to choose between Chichay and Alex. Who he did choose is up in the air. Then again, if we recall all those who contributed to the relationship that Chichay, Alex and Joaquin has, we had a glimpse of who made it miserable in the beginning. Do you remember when they were still at school? Do you remember the mean girls?

Kristel Fulgar, Angeli Gonzales and Chienna Filomeno. They might have made Chichay's life miserable... but they all love Joaquin. Hard to understand why gorgeous gals like these would do that to a simple, adorable and talented girl like her. Is it envy? Maybe. But these gals in real life said that they are so blessed to have been able to join the cast. They were so happy that they ended up in a top rating show and get to work with Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo. They get to be friends with them and always joke around in the set when they have scenes together.

The men, were likely to be drooled at too by the girls. You're looking at Alexander Diaz, Yvez Flores and Jon Lucas. I've seen Alex before this project and I was surprised to see him when he first came out. I remember calling him a younger version of Xian Lim. He's got a name of his own now and he's probably going to have more time to roll his sleeve after G2B. He's fresh and good looking. I don't know if he could be paired with someone later on because this can get him to be felt more by the masses. Yvez Flores on the other hand looks so cute. He's got that guy next door feel with him. Do you remember the first time he came out on screen? Yeap! He was half naked. They laughed about it on the press con but he boasts that he can strip down now with confidence since he works out now. He was just surprised by the director at that time LOL. But really, he seems to be still fighting for Chichay no? Maybe that romantic dinner a few days ago can make him a close second to Joaquin. Jon Lucas seemed to have been missing in action in the past weeks but when he resurfaced he became a very confident young man in the series. I bet this guy will end up with Alex. I felt they were "bagay". Judging from the recent scenes, he seems to be always going out with Alex's character. Who knows, they might not know it yet... but they may end up in love later on! :)

Ingrid de la Paz might not just be the "best friend" that Chichay always can run to in times of trouble. She fell in love with the character of Jon Lucas. Oh before I forget, Jon Lucas seems to have a crush on Kathryn Bernardo too (I think he admitted that during the presscon)... but don't tell him that I told you guys OK? Ingrid is part of Star Circle 2013 and she's probably just starting to scratch the surface. She might end up as one of the leading ladies in future Star Cinema films. She must be paired with someone nice. She looks matured though for her age (when we saw her in person) and that could be a drawback. I hope they don't typecast her and get her something like a romcom soon. She's good.

She's currently my favorite character in the show. Aside from Chichay and Joaquin of course. Liza Soberano is so gorgeous in person. You probably already know that because you've seen her in camera. I could have sworn she was an angel walking in when she arrived in ABSCBN. I like her, but I just don't like the part that she's still running after Joaquin... plus that time she slapped Chichay. I know it's a role so I'm okay with that. But I've heard, she's already getting death threats on twitter since she reads it sometimes. Please, don't do that okay? Remember, this is just a role. You don't have to tag Ogie Diaz too LOL.

Papa Bear Benjie Paras was there too. He came just to spill the beans and tell us about the real score between Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo. Someone from the press directly asked Daniel if they are boyfriend and girlfriend already. Daniel smiled from ear to ear and said they shouldn't pressure him as Kathryn's Mom was in the room. Papa Bear then said that he believes they are already ON but Daniel immediately said they can't do that. They admitted to having an M.U., but not yet since Kathryn has not celebrated her debut yet. Kathryn also adds that Daniel will surely be her escort when the time comes. Everyone knows he's special.

 Speaking of special, this was the part when they came in:

Special boy, bringing in a special girl, giving her the special treatment she deserves. That's Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo, they are the country's teen King and Queen. 

When the presscon started, I noticed that Kathryn and Daniel didn't sit beside each other. The Director CGM and the cast didn't probably think about it at all because they were just there to answer questions. Aside from that, they probably didn't think it was a big issue. It was streamed live in the ABSCBN website and thousands of fans logged in. They must have been furious seeing this!

Some fans must have been furious seeing that happening right before their eyes. It's like Joaquin ending up with Alex on the show. The chat room was burning with requests for Daniel to sit beside Kathryn after a few questions were thrown. The host nicely asked the Director to let Daniel sit beside Kathryn. Fans win! :)

It looks like someone was looking at him (I'm making up this story of course!) Makuha ka sa tingin Joaquin! LOL which means you already know by the way she looks at him! :)

Carmina Villaroel adds that Kathryn and Daniel was really natural. Daniel exudes machismo that only Padillas have. She knows.

If you thought that was already too sweet, take a look at Ian Veneracion when he walked in and sat beside Carmina Villaroel.

Even Direk and Chichay was also happy about Joaquin's parents finally seen together :)) LOL

I think I'm missing one of the mean girls because she immediately went to the seats and didn't stop for photos. Anyway, she's here too. This was the part where they were trying to explain themselves to the press and trying to escape the questions if they also had a crush on Daniel/Kathryn. I've seen some pretty red faces in this row. :)) Let's just say some had a real crush on them but says who wouldn't if they were in the midst of the teen king and queen right?

Let's just say the guy in the red had a crush on Kathryn, and this girl who's holding a microphone had a real crush on Daniel. Of course they know they're friends, and have limitations! They follow the BRO CODE!

The cast surely will miss each others company. They've been together for such a long time and has been able to forge friendships and relationships while doing the show. The story was alive when they made it, that's why they have become successful in developing the story about Joaquin and Chichay. Their parents also reflect in some ways the typical happenings inside and outside the house, I know my Mom is stricter than Carmina Villaroel no joke LOL.

Now I wanted to end this post by speculating an appropriate ending. Will Joaquin end up with Chichay? Perhaps this might tell you something that could happen if that comes true.

If you want to know the BEST ENDING EVER, it's the last 5 days to watch GOT TO BELIEVE on ABSCBN. Make sure you do just that and see if Joaquin and Chichay ends up with each other. Last 5 days, last 5 days, last 5 days. Hope that makes you even hungry to watch their movie too when "She's Dating A Gangster" comes out.

Now isn't that the BEST G2B BLOGPOST EVER? :)

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