Excellence in Sound: Move S Wired by NudeAudio

Saturday, February 15, 2014

It was Green, perfectly paired to my current bed covers so I gave it a stunning portrait. It was another gadget at the palm of my hand and honestly, I'm already loving it! On looks alone, this portable wired speaker was so good that my friends and family kept on bugging me and asking to even buy it from me. I politely said no so I could unbox the little square one for you guys. Now isn't that nice? :)

The promise of having it connected to almost any other gadget with a 3.5mm jack was a treat, but do you see that mark just below it? Yes, that is true. You'll have 8 hours of pure unadulterated entertainment with this small squared wonder. Given it's small size, you wouldn't believe how much sound and bass it actually produces even with music from my iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPod Shuffle.

I was so surprised when I got it to play a couple of tracks. With the high bass requirement on some of my Electronic Dance Music albums, I've never thought that something would be able to cope with it. If I wasn't looking at the thing when it played, I would have mistaken this to be like a 300 dollar brand of speakers (no joke!). Plus the material on this rut looks indestructible. It was made to hit surfaces, get bumped, scratched and develop minor contusions if you hit somebody with it. 

The good sound must have been caused by this. If you've got great engineering done on the container that surrounds the actual piece that emits the sound, you'll have bigger and bolder music. I felt every single beat on my bass. I was contented with it, well no, let me rephrase that... I was astounded by it's performance and had to check with other gadgets if it performed the same. It wasn't a fluke, it was real and I'm digging it. Built to last outdoors, pocket sized and sound quality is divine, how can you go wrong with that?

8 hours of battery life and easily powered with a micro usb charger. You can just have it inserted on a local usb slot of your computer or just use a generic charger with the same voltage and current rating, you won't have any problems doing that.

The Move S Wired can also be connected to another one if you want to take advantage of a feature called Teamplay. A second or third speaker would be a nice setup, right?

Plus if you're already done playing with it, you can tuck it nicely in the back and resume with your regular programming. The cable fits snugly on the back without anything dangerously hanging.

After spending overnight listening to my podcasts, I still had some juice left on the Move S Wired. I think it did last the number of hours it promised. Actually, it may have been more. It may have been a different story if I did it on full blast, but just the same if it did survive my hours... I'm definitely good with it.

Oh by the way, I didn't read the manual and didn't find this in the beginning. Make sure you press the power button hehe. I know, quite simple but it does wonders! LOL! You have to read the manual/quick start guide. It also comes with its own USB/Micro USB power cable. It's not meant to be directly plugged into a socket but if it's USB I think it'll still work.

Go on and walk outside with Move S Wired by NudeAudio. It's one of the hardest to beat in terms of sound quality and its built. It's definitely made to move and it's pretty cool to have one of these if you're out camping or just chilling with your friends. It'll probably last a lifetime. I can't wait to show this to my other friends who are connoisseurs in audio. They will love this for sure.

Great sound and it works as it should. I'd definitely recommend this to you and my friends. It's a great piece of hardware. You guys should definitely get one fast!


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