UNTV Cup Season 2

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Back from the very successful games last year, UNTV now presents UNTV Cup Season 2 and this time it's even BIGGER than ever because there will be 10 teams joining this charity. They are the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP Cavaliers), Congress (Congress Legislators), Department of Justice (DOJ Hunters), Local Government Unit (LGU), MalacaƱang Palace, Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA Equalizers), Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (Philhealth Advocates), Philippine Judiciary, Philippine National Police (PNP Responders) and Senate. Malacanang and Philippine Senate teams are new additions whilst LGU separated from congress building the official list.

Commissioners say that this would be a great venue to get together and help their chosen charities. Aside from that, change the public perception about these offices and get them informed about their individual projects so people can tell that they are doing something. Ka Daniel Razon admits that most of of them are victims of bias media reporting. He says "Sometimes the news isn't what we want to hear, we would like to request that each department should have a reportage team and UNTV will give proper space in newscast without any edits. Content will be all yours. Bring forth what you want the people to hear. It will be a good vehicle for your agencies to reach the proper audience." 

He also welcomed new teams like the Senate, Malacanang and LGU's (which separated from Congress) and was happy that it completes the 10 team lineup they were gunning for. They are planning to have three point shootouts plus an all star game later on and they have noted to get some players that have not been able to qualify in the games too.

Charities are going to be chosen by the respective teams and UNTV will not suggest so as to not have influence over it. They are monitoring these agencies silently and have ensured the money is going to them. They are also considering to put up Volleyball matches for women soon but that is still in the works. They would like to ask the agencies how UNTV can help, that alone is satisfying.  All games will be also played in historic Smart Araneta Coliseum and broadcasted live every Sunday at 2:30PM in UNTV. It will also be streamed online at http://www.untvweb.com.


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