Impeccable Design and Function: MONOCLE by Native Union

Friday, February 14, 2014

I was in the mood of getting accessories for my iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S so this arrived in the mail today. Right from the get go, I've always liked things that is a little fashion forward. When I held the box in my hand, I knew the MONOCLE by Native Union was right for me. It functions as a Speaker, Handset and Speakerphone all in one. I had to do an un-boxing of course. I immediately tested it out and see if it fits my phone. 

At first, I was a little skeptical that it might not be appropriate to carry it around like this guy in the package. Then again, maybe I might think of it differently when I try it on. 

Concept wise, I think I know why this is a little different. It's not meant to be worn like head phones, although it can function as one. Put it on your bag or pocket, it'll still be a good thing to show off to friends if you are the type of person who wants envy to flourish in your hood LOL! The body itself is made of spun aluminum whilst the inner grill is scored copper and plus a black aluminum casing. It's pretty sturdy and solid build makes it a tough cookie for travel purposes.

When I opened the box, it had a few brochures inside of it. The manual was also simple and available in different languages. The cords that came with it were all in Nylon reinforced covers. This make it literally hard to ruin or get damaged on normal occasions. Unlike the power cable of my iPhone5 that's about to say goodbye to this world soon LOL!

The cute MONOCLE also has this button on the side that can function to answer calls or drop them. It'll be handy answering calls so you get to do it hands free on speaker mode which I'll tell you about in a bit. Otherwise, you can just stick it to your hand while you hold your phone on the other. Private conversations on this gadget is a breeze but probably would need the help of your hand since it can't be hung around your ear. It is cozy though because it's softly padded by a cushion in the earpiece. You can opt to also put it on top of a table so you can share it with your friends or if you are in a conference call.

 This uses a Nylon USB/Micro USB Charging cable. The small hole beside that is specially made for output. If in time you decide to purchase an additional MONOCLE, you can daisy chain around 10 of these guys before you would probably have degradation in audio (I might need 10 of these to prove that LOL). It can be done though because I love their cables, it's really long and convenient for me. There's also an extra cable that's meant to cover this hole so you won't have to worry about it getting dirty.

 This bit on the cable serves as the microphone, you know how this works. Been using this for a couple of days now and it sufficiently receives the test recordings I've been doing for the secret podcast I'm doing. In case this is hit or stepped on or literally abused while you are on travel, it would probably stand that and more.

Volume controls are easy. See that ribbed dots on the side of the wheel? That's what you turn on an off to manage it. 

I have to tell you something though, this small white light on the side? You need to see that before the speaker works. It basically tells you if the speaker has enough power or not. I made the mistake earlier of testing without charging and just directly plugging it in on USB to get power. Had to wait a bit before it worked, my fault haha!

For what its worth, the MONOCLE worked like a charm on Music, Skype or just ordinary phone calls that I used this with. A good thing here is, this thing doesn't look like your run of the mill head phones. If you're in the mood to be different like me, then this is the perfect gadget for you. Best of all, it works well with the latest apps and functions of my device. It also supports anything as long as it uses a 3.5mm jack, which is much of a standard these days. This definitely is more than a handset, a speaker and speakerphone. It's stylish, well thought out and impeccable design. There are also 4 colors you can choose from plus 2 more specials if you want it more fancy. You can't go wrong with that. 

The MONOCLE by Native Union is sold in these shops: Astroplus, DigiHub, Digital Arena, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, Heima, iGig, Quicksound and Gui. Else, you can check out Digital Walker's channels below, this is where I usually get stuff for my phones. :)


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