Magnum Gold Now in the Philippines!

Friday, February 14, 2014

These ladies were keeping something in their back. I could see it slightly peeking on the middle but they didn't let me check it out. For whatever reason, they asked me to go back when it's a little around 3PM because something big is happening. Something GOLD is appearing for the first time in Philippine shores; and no less than SM Supermarket is giving us a peek at what seems to be something luxurious and decadent... I was tempted to push these girls away but I'm a gentleman.. I had to find out later on.

I went in SM Supermarket to buy a few things for my personal consumption. I forgot to buy stuff for myself when I went to the grocery the day before so I went ahead and splurged on chips, plus Vanilla Coke and Cherry Coke. Oh I know what you are going to say! Don't judge! :P

The kind ladies on the counter helped me sort out stuff and I paid for it.

Then a person from their Customer Service desk approached me and said STOP! She handed me a golden ticket and said CONGRATULATIONS because I'm one of the few who would be able to get to taste tentenenen!!! 


Imagine rich thick Vanilla Ice Cream with a salted caramel swirl then coated two layers of mouthwatering, sweet, sinful and addicting Belgian chocolate. I already surrendered whilst listening to the ingredients being mentioned LOL!

Aside from getting that Ice Cream bar, I was also told that if I could open the vault using the secret code, I could win a brand new spanking iPod Shuffle or an iPad Mini (in the day's raffle)! Since it starts at 3PM, I did the next best thing to kill time.

I asked my blogger friends to come along and eat MAGNUM GOLD with me.

There's definitely more where that came from and we all enjoyed this new MAGNUM GOLD flavor since it retails at Php 55.00 only! Now, there's no reason not to enjoy it this summer when the heat comes back right? Aside from that, we went ahead and lined up to get our chance opening the vault to win the iPod Shuffle!

A commotion ensued when it was already 3PM and I even saw customer Erdy Tumapon win the MAGNUM Gold Ice Cream MP3 Player! Funny thing is... when it was my turn.... I entered some numbers on the vault and pressed the enter button.... and you know what happened?:D

I am now a proud owner of this iPod Shuffle! =)  I couldn't believe I guessed right. The number was XXXXXX hahah of course I won't tell you! :) I haven't won anything for a long time and opening this great prize was just the icing on the ice cream. I too struck GOLD in MAGNUM GOLD! This wouldn't be possible if I didn't go to SM Supermarket in Megamall! =) Thanks guys!

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