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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Jasmine Curtis might have been startled because she's seeing a real life stalker in the crowd while we were interviewing her for her upcoming project JasMINE the series. She's an award winning actress and one of the most sought after commercial models in the country. Seeing her being hounded by admirers probably is quite normal, but what if it goes beyond being an admirer or a fan? What if she suddenly fears for her life? What about her privacy? What would she do in the event that her admirers publicly posts creepy stuff and make her each move monitored, knowing where she goes and taking locks of hair as if he's obsessed with her?

That's exactly what people from advertising firm Ace Saatchi & Saatchi told us during blog conference a few days ago. You enter something so close to real life and extend the boundaries of what reality and what fiction is. That particular moment when it's either "bended or blurred" is where this story will stand. With the addition of the characters that Alwin Uytingco and Mathew Padillla also plays, it'll surely be an interesting mix of trying friendships, boundaries of respect, work and different facets of life. Jasmine Curtis adds that "This interesting role is the best because I get to play myself!"

Watch out for Alwin's role who's a blogger in the series because he's one of the interesting personas in the series. Check out http://showbizscoopsbywendell.tumblr.com/ and his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/showbizscoopsbywendell to know more about him. If you watch this series, you'll get to participate virtually in the program because they'll introduce updates on their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account that would also add a different dimension to the story. 

This is a first in Philippine television and the only program where Ace Saatchi & Saatchi, UNITEL and TV5 is putting their bet on (while serving as producers). Something out of the ordinary, something unprecedented and well thought of, I'd like to see how this develops when it shows in March. There's no specific date yet on when this will be shown, but like the team behind it I want to see how the general public reacts to situations that are foreign to them. When I asked about why they want to do this most viewers are probably in the "Moms" age, they answered that the Filipino audience is smart... they also add that the social media channel part won't be too foreign for them because they probably all have Facebook, much like a staple nowadays. Plus the fans of the stars which they think will be the "most number" of audience they'll have would have the capabilities to follow all the social media channels and interact with them. Again, this is a feat that has not been done in any program in Philippine TV.That alone amazes me. Don't worry though because they'll still have some light moments in between.

I hope none of the STALKING things they do on the episodes would rub off on watchers because the last thing they probably would want is to see more stalkers in the streets LOL nah just joking! Thanks to Goldilocks, TV5, UNITEL and Ace Saatchi & Saatchi for having us! Can't wait to see it!


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