Video: Philippines Opens for International Pyrolympics

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Philippine International Pyromusical Competition started yesterday and we were there to witness two countries as they start the event that will last until March 22, 2014. To open up, it is logical to have the host country sport something that would showcase how they fare against the others. That also is done so that they know what they are going up against in the Philippines. I have been able to catch on my phone what happened last night but this is a little raw. Had to upload it sooner so you get to have interest what to expect in the next few weeks. Get ready for Platinum Fireworks Inc. representing the Philippines!

Now isn't that nice? If you missed it, don't worry! The schedule is on my previous post. This happens every Saturday 7PM in the evening for the first country and 8PM for the next. See you there!


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Pyro Philippines
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