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Monday, February 03, 2014

Selling your pre loved items has never been easy. Dominant buy and sell website in the Philippines SULIT.COM.PH has unfolded another feather to its hat as they conquer the real estate sector. It has been one of the highest in terms of traffic in and the time of partnering with one of the world's best PROPERTY24.COM.PH is but great timing. The companies are all part of the multinational Naspers Group. The company doesn't just engage in selling property but also holds all the logistics behind that as well says JP Farinha CEO of Property24 who came all the way from South Africa. says quality scores will be given to brokers and properties, some automatically penalizing and ranking them on the site. The local site will also be customized according to general brokers needs. Although they admit that they will need data and algorithm that will make the site and its features better, they are going to work on it. will not abandon its current posts, it will still have that together with property24's Business to consumer features while they cater to private listings verified through their current systems.


Steve Santos's Property Manager in the Philippines says "We see sectors growing further and the housing and real estate loans are on an uptrend. We want to concentrate on local residential properties and listings. We have sections on the site intended only for developers , design and lifestyle so we get more input from real people who rent or buy on the website. We also have mobile apps that is easy to use and connected with the"

Definitely something to look forward to and it can help pinoys get that dream place in a single click! We tried out the app and the site. It was easy to find rented properties and real estate finds in Quezon City. It was also easy to find some in other places. I guess this will be the best thing to have if we're going look for properties we can afford or dream of. Just click it!


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